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Even tho i am committed to making art f or p much rest of my life, currently have little time for it, so i try to use (almost) any moment i can to sneak some creative time. This is my thread of sketches at work, waiting in line, bored at a xyz social gathering, etc

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Starting a new art challenge, but instead of 30 days due to capacity, I’m going to make it a 30 pieces back-to-back challenge.
This one is 30 days of Indigenous Art challenge originally designed to be completed for Indigenous’ Peoples Month in November.
1st Piece theme is Ceremony

Working on a zine and ok the left one isnt as good as the right one but still

Hanging out in backyard on this slow but lovely Sunday morning. looking at my old art from high school and came across this cool bear in

Semi-finished piece , forgot to take photo of full finished piece. Siiigh

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A big chunk has also been letting go of negative self talk for sure tho...

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Anyone here with and the struggles of maintaining attention on a piece, esp beginning stages? Like, i wanna talk abt how big of a struggle it is to finish a damn sketch.
I gotta keep pushing myself to keep going, sketch out super basic shape for struggle areas like hands, and trust that it’ll look good eventually.
In the past I’ve given up halfway and takes me days to finally finish (cause im more of a hobbyist too) even most basic areas...

Wanna try portraits with (sumi) ink and hopefully take some commissions once i got the technique i wanna do down. Quick exercise from ayer

Omgg typoss

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You've seen the QPoC Flag, yes? Well here's the QTPoC Flag!

I'll have an SVG available of this eventually, but feel free to save this and share it and whatever you want. The black outline is there because I'm gonna try to make a patch from it, but it's easy to remove once you have the SVG.

If you want a regular image without the outline, lemme know and I'll upload one here to the fediverse

#openSource #vector #qtPoc #PoC #QPoC #transPride #queerPride #publicDomain #pride #prideMonth #quiltbag

Started writing daily thoughts/feels/anxieties in poetry form and aaah it’s helping so far. I love art 😭

thinking about making some ... to process some personal struggles. i love that i have complete control of what i wanna say and how. and navigates between text and art, across diff pages/multiple planes.
& personally, they're somehow less intimidating than single pieces, no sé porqué/idk why

The little white flowers are described as little stars raining from the sky that fell on the plant.
here I used UNAM’s dope online medicinal plants library of Indigenous groups in mex. The info is also shown both in its native language and Spanish.
🌿✨Link: medicinatradicionalmexicana.un

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Piece 4: Love

Originally finished on Feb 14th:

Thinking of refugee and undocumented migrant love today. Parents and children still in detention, still separated. Trans and LGBQ migrants finding community and support on the way. And the most vulnerable, indigenous and Black migrants, at the intersections too (+trans, +disabled, ...)

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i wish i could find more artist content like this where it's artists talking about art that's actually rooted in something deeper than aesthetics. where they're sharing their process so genuinely and you can see their passion super clearly. but rlly have to dig around to find them.

Still doing this 💜 Piece 3: Resilience
This is inspired by a point in (“Feelings of the Originary People” from Resolutions of the 2nd Indigenous State Congress of Michoacán).
This one representing their cosmovision to protect nature against modern-day conquest thru transnational, mining, oil, and energy companies to own natural resources, biodiversity, and genetic patrimony.
The dots in the bg are 525 dots representing the years of resistance of indigenous people. Names are indigenous towns.

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Still working on this challenge. Recently got Clip Studio & the brushes are sooo much smoother/better overall. Tho given my current job (front of a computer 40 hrs a week), I’m thinking about switching to traditional once more. Which comes with its benefits but drawbacks too.

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Piece 2 of Indigenous Art Challenge: Sacred

Went a diff direction with this second one and honestly not sure I like it but posting cause I put a lot of work into it and it’s a learning process 😤

And also needing to limit each piece to a week tops otherwise I will never finish this challenge lol

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