an oc I made for a comic i was thinking of about people playing s mobile monster collecting game... also say hello to my laziest coloring job yet lol

‪welcome to the alien aisha vending machine!! got any nerkmids?‬

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I don’t feel comfortable posting just doodles like this on tumblr or twitter anymore so I’m gonna start posting them hereeee

on all levels except physical I am a team rocket grunt with a big grimer that rides around on my shoulders

for some reason for most of the game I mistakenly thought shamir and catherine could S-rank together and now I’m sad

my art block has been so bad since i finished my big gomens comic! but i need to like physically restrain myself from trying to draw anyway and just hurting my brain more

the hole….a mysterious hole in the ground from which all are born

i’m really into angel/demon couples right now for reasons that are probably painfully obvious (good omens ruined my brain)

i don't want to spam too much so i'll hold off on posting more art for now but here is a illustration i made based off of classes from ff tactics advance that i'm proud of!

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