i just finished the magnus archives and i absolutely adore it...please give jon simms a break thank you

i painted this shuckle on a whim but it's impossible to crop nicely haha

sorry for the lack of posting, im so tired between working retail and freelancing...

summer is over

im shocked masto allowed me to upload this file lol

i wish i could design pokemon cards in this style

i drew deet from the new dark crystal series for i really love it so far!! the podlings are awful to look at though

a birthday present for one of my dear friends on twitter

i love the subway masters, i can’t believe i can finally draw them and their weird coats

hun/basho from pokemon chronicles for I have a deep love for team rocket characters that only appear in the anime 🙏🙏
I don’t know if I like how this turned out but I learned some stuff so that’s okay

i want my art to look even weirder im not even close to making my art look as weird as i want it!!!

I’ve been mega anxious lately but watching indigo league has been soothing

the gang gets romantic was so good I’m so excited for the rest of the season. my true love is drawing it’s always sunny in philadelphia fanart that looks like its from a weird manga

an oc I made for a comic i was thinking of about people playing s mobile monster collecting game... also say hello to my laziest coloring job yet lol

‪welcome to the alien aisha vending machine!! got any nerkmids?‬

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