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Life should be touched, not strangled. You've got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it. ~ Ray Bradbury

I've just been informed by a neighbour that, following our visit to the local community Christmas Gathering, we (my wife and I) have won first prize in the raffle - a Christmas hamper.

This is a first (no pun intended) for us.

Oddly enough, when I purchased the ticket, I noticed that our ticket number was '161'.

'That could be a sign,' I said to the woman selling the tickets.

'We catch that bus (161 route) several times a week.' 🍀

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For everyone at this time of year, non-religious, religious, with people, or apart from people. I love this, especially on a dark, cold morning. A message from our favourite fedi-clown @RussSharek share.tube/videos/watch/2baa13

#joy #kindness

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Science is not something which exists in reality. It's simply our way of describing the world. As our understanding of the world changes, so must our descriptions. Nothing in science can ever be definitive, permanent, or absolutely certain.

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Also, if you'd like to direct y/our artsy & creative friends to enjoy the power of the :fediverse: of artsy folks, you have many options:


comicscamp.club :squishygecko:


tootplanet.space :tootplanet:



artalley.porn for your :tumblsink: NSFW friends

or search joinMastodon.org :mastodon:

Thanks for supporting the fediverse & inspiring others!

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@Josey People do share music and talk about each others' stuff here. There's also @awhaleslantern , which you might be interested in

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Some words go deeper
than imagination; we
find love in these poems

(I've been loosely following a group of teachers posting haiku each day this month for a project called Haiku for Hope. This was my response to them this morning)


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So, are there other command line mastodon posting tools aside from toot? I'm specifically looking for something that makes it possible to comment on a thread without ripping my ever-thinning hair out.

The Tyranny of Should

"I should be more productive."
"I should be less judgmental."
"I should get more sleep."
"I should be more kind."
"I should ...."

Morning, Ben! Is this your main address instance now? Self-hosted or similar?

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Good morning fediverse and :masto: .art!

It's a new week and a new day. Do something nice for yourself, a warm cuppa, biscuit, draw a doodle, hug a friend you love, read a book, get something done, take a walk in some greenery, play some music (on instrument or speakers), take a good care of yourself, you deserve it!


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