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i dont think i ever showed yall this token i drew for one of the other PCs in my gf's campaign. his name is zsiki gussi and hes a shitty little gremlin catman. he likes terrorizing all the other PCs

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γ€Š I'm just a soul who's intentions are good, oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood 》

im Finally done w this painting. my eyes hurt LMFAO. this is my lovely mess of a son named demitri. he has bad coping mechanisms and loves to isolate. please love him

tfw you collapse your painting into the bg and you werent done working on the bg yet πŸ˜‚ im p e r i s h i n g

also i just noticed that im getting rly close to 100 followers... i never thought this many people would like my art but i feel rly blessed 😒 ❀️ maybe i'll do some kind of art raffle for 100 if any of yall would be interested in something like that?

HELLO another painty doodle for yall bc i got inspired. this is lux. he belongs to chiba-inu @ TH

yall please pray for me im about to start working on some art of grayson and i just Know its going to take forever to finish

a little... messy... painty thing i did yesterday of my special lovely boy seven

hm... didnt realize how long it had been since i opened masto... im a fool

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this lad is probably going to be an npc for a future campaign if i ever get my act together and learn how to dm LMFAO. this race is very angelic/celestial and most of them become clerics/paladins

hi ive been making art i just keep forgetting to post it and by the time i remember its always at some ungodly hour? anyways heres a little doodle of my special boy grayson. i needed some updated art for his token on roll20 so πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘€

tfw my last two toots were me talking about my lack of activity LMFAO OOPS

im sorry for the complete lack of activity ive been gettin hit hard w the art block the past few days

im sorry for the lack of posting i just worked like six days in a row and im actually decaying 😞

little doodle of sevens kid. their name is lilith and theyre half shadar-kai half tiefling πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘€

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tfw ive been doodling a bunch of shit but i keep forgetting to post it because i have the memory of an amoeba

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