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New Emote Update! Commissionstatus:✅INFO:

If anyone needs emotesets, for twitch, discord, gamewisp or telegram (or another platform u are using and want to have your own emotes there)
ya can just contact me :D <3

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✨ ✨ My dear bunnies and follower: ✨ ✨
I could finally change my username on twitch to my artistname: vanlau.

So the new adress for streams :

Heute zum Abschluss der Woche ein bisschen Grind.
Geplant war zwar Nier, aber sofern die Servergötter uns gnädig gestimmt sind, wird gequestet für mehr Lagerplatz (aka Haus) 🥰

Bis gleich °v°

108 days of drawing

Freutag it is
Chilliger Stream mit ein paar Aufwärmzeichnungen, Commissions, ein paar Subbunnies und den letzten Zuschauerskizzen?

Let's go 🔴

107 days of drawing

Bissl aufwärmen, commissions und weitere Zuschauerskizzen, da dank EUCH der Betrag bei swap steigt und steigt <3

Let's go 🔴

101 days of drawing

Die letzten Schatten und dann gehts an die Beleuchtung ☺️

Zum chilligen coworking homeoffice stream gehts hier lang <3

100 days of drawing

Schatten sind fast alle fertig. Die werden jetzt noch verfeinert und dann kommt schon die Beleuchtung.

Auf zum chilligen coworking homeoffice stream 🥰

94 days of drawing

More artpractice, before we finish basecolouring the last missing book pages
Let's get startet and have a chill relaxing homeoffice & coworking stream
(& btw. you can collect streamheroe cards while lurking 😏)

92 days of drawing

A bit later today, bc of the internet.
But time for artpractice and only 14 pages need base colours <3

see ya in a bit

You can collect digital collectable cards, which can be printed as well!
You just need to watch the stream and change the energy you are collecting into the cards °v°

Oh and i will be doing some art warmup before finishing the outlines of the last missing book pages i am working on ☺️

84 days of drawing

Good morning! Let's start together in this tired monday 😴 and get some commission work done.
Oh and did i mentioned new Minecraft Textures? °v°


83 days of drawing

Some warmup (not too much, since it's warm outside already) before working on these storie pages.
Some sketches will be improved, some changed a bit

82 days of drawing

Warmup Arrows, commissions (50% of the sketches are already done so far 😊) and the last textures for the first MC Texturepack Test Version °v°

81 days of drawing

Adding the last 2 missing rotating heads before
working on some sketches for an amazing project 🤫
Maybe also some MC textures for the patreon test pack?

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