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New Emote Update! Commissionstatus:✅INFO:

If anyone needs emotesets, for twitch, discord, gamewisp or telegram (or another platform u are using and want to have your own emotes there)
ya can just contact me :D <3

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✨ ✨ My dear bunnies and follower: ✨ ✨
I could finally change my username on twitch to my artistname: vanlau.

So the new adress for streams :

Streamscedule for next week.

Will be working on arcitecture in the bunniekingdom on monday, but offstream, so i can show some stuff on thursday :3

Have a good start into the week and see ya for commissions on tuesday °v°

Day 175

It's Commission Friday. So let's get this background done, so we can start animating parts of it 🥳

Stream starts in a bit :)

Just in time for
One element for 8 days.
You can draw every day, or just draw one drawing for each element, it's up to you :)

Just have fun!

(i will be drawing bunnie kingdom scenes)

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