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New Emote Update! Commissionstatus:✅INFO:

If anyone needs emotesets, for twitch, discord, gamewisp or telegram (or another platform u are using and want to have your own emotes there)
ya can just contact me :D <3

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✨ ✨ My dear bunnies and follower: ✨ ✨
I could finally change my username on twitch to my artistname: vanlau.

So the new adress for streams :

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Hi there. I am vanlau (or tiarael on twitch & twitter and now here)

I am an Illustrator, Conceptdesigner for Games & Twitch Streamer from Germany.
I love fantasy related things and bunnies (Thats why my twitch/discord community is called the bunnie kingdom :D)and currently working on my masterthesis project (which involves 3D Modelling and a 2.5D CoOp Sidescroller Game)

Here are a few links for where i am most active right now :3


Thank you for your birthdaywishes and the amazing streams <3

The last of the 4 holy mugs will be raffled not on stream, but here (link:

(there are a few other prices as well :3)

You can enter until next sunday! Good luck 🥳

It's the flowerdew festival in the bunniekingdom, so we are celebrating it with a week full of streams (except for sunday, since thats my birthday and i'll spend the day with my family)

But! We are having request drawings, and songrequests, raffles and maybe some games with followers :3

Today we start with a homework figure drawing stream and a few emote drawings.


Heute gibts:
Bein Anatomie
Brokoli & Mandel Müsli wird im Stream gegessen. Dann könnt ihr euch gleich ein Bild machen :)

💗Monday Anatomie Stream is starting in a few minutes

1 Hour of Arm practice💪 (and maybe some more work after that :) )

💗Freedrawing Sunday with more subbunnie sketches
(i will draw all new sub char, who posted their char sheet into the discord✨)

And there is the new creative contest as well, which already kinda started, but still needs a Infodesign :3

🤖 🤖

BotEmotes für twitch sind nun verfügbar.
Creative Commons Lizenz ist angefügt. Viel Spaß damit <3


BotEmotes for twitch are finished.
Creative commons licence is added. Have fun with them :)

Today is the 2nd day of drawing <3
Figuredrawing it will be for around 2 hours. (but first, as always, emotes!)

So, if you want to join in, see ya in 20 minutes ☺

💗 Anatomy Monday (Zuerst gehts aber an ein paar Commissions :3 // after finishing a few commissions )

💗 chill commission & conceptart sunday is starting

We will be working on the Bunniekingdom lore later.
Today: Plants :)

No gaming stream today (sorry Frodo)
but creative!

We will start with preparing the last cutszene for the game and finishing one other commission, before we will continue working on the bunniekingom, more exactly on some subbunnies and/ore worldlore <3

Did i sent the link to my bunniemotes for whatsapp? (only working for android since it's an apk sadly :( )

If not: Here it is.
:3 Have fun with them on whatsapp.
(oh and they are also available for telegram 😏 )

New stickers are in progress.
A few of them are also available on :3
The more emoteslots we can unlock there, the more will be available.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful monday <3

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