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New Emote Update! Commissionstatus:✅INFO:

If anyone needs emotesets, for twitch, discord, gamewisp or telegram (or another platform u are using and want to have your own emotes there)
ya can just contact me :D <3

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✨ ✨ My dear bunnies and follower: ✨ ✨
I could finally change my username on twitch to my artistname: vanlau.

So the new adress for streams :

Day 137

Found the other starter cards (still missing a few) so let's continue painting them °v°

Stream starts in a few minutes

Day 136

Commission Day it is. We have some emotes to finish, and a few illustrations to work on and maybe, we can get to the food panda. Ice sounds like a nice idea to draw today 😊

Day 135

New week, new streamingschedule. We have practice, more commissions, more pokemoncards and more merchdesigns :)

Streamstart is at 10

Are you in need of an easy tutorial for transparency?

I created my first tutorial for a clipstudio paint contest and i am in need for some feedback (Is it understandable, should i explain a bit more?)

So if you have some time, please let me know.

Sharing this with friends who might like and need this, would be great help.
Thank you <3

Day 133

Today is Commission day. So after a brief Cube practice, we are going to get some emote & illustration sketches done :)

Starting at 10 :)

Day 132

New month, and finally a streamplan :)
Let's get some serious drawing practice started so we can switch to working on the bunnie kingdom later

It's sunday so it's finally time to look into

I was waiting for this game since i saw the first screenshots in 2015. 🥳

This evening we will have a tiny Cataloge event in Animal Crossing (~5PM CET) and watch some fireworks.

Stream starts at 10 :)

In need for Emotes, Badges or other kind of illustrations?

Here you go:
Freshly dusted and finally updated ... slowly as i am, more to see soon 😊

Information and Prices:

Day 128

Endlich wieder Montag!
Screenshot Übung und da gibts noch einen hungrigen Hamster der gezeichnet werden will 😏

Stream startet um 10.
Bis gleich <3

Day 127

Today is Pun Day.
And i think u can see, that i got distracted by some yesterday. Remus looks horrible. Much worse, then he already does 🤣

New stream is starting in a few minutes :)

Day 126

A few more screenshots until the new streamplan is activated.(More practices, more webcomic and more worldbuilding starting in august)

Day 125

U have ... THE GRIMM!
Today is not monday, so get ready for some emote commissions and webcomic pages ☺️
Stream start is at 10 :) (so in a few minutes)

Day 123

It's finally monday again.
Just a few days for more movie screenshots and next month there will be different warm up practices starting next month :)

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