😡 NFT - I'm in total ideological conflict with the idea AND the technic.
Today I saw my art " Yin and Yang of world hunger" (license: CC non commercial/non derivative) on OpenSea platform posted by someone. What a shame. #nftart is open door to all type of scam...

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@davidrevoy It's one thing they sell tweets and not-theirs artworks, but *who buys it*? Like, I don't get, why would anyone do that? I get why people would buy stuff on Redbubble & co without checking the seller because the design is cute, but here, when you don't even get anything? Can anyone explain it to me?

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@tiar I don't understand either. 😐

Maybe buyers have the feeling to own a small 'unique' part of the art. Even if it is a digital number... Like owning the Sha of a commit on Git. Imo, it's just an abstract speculative market....

This article is where I learned about what was NFT: theverge.com/22310188/nft-expl (I recommend) , and also the wiki page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-fung (a bit too hard, I couldn't understand it at first, technical)

@davidrevoy I think the part where they called it "a playground for mega-rich" is the most accurate description...

The only time I need some kind of rights except for the right to look at an artwork is when I want to make a derivative, for example a study of a photograph. It's useful, sure, but then, why wouldn't anyone else have the right to study it too?

And in any case, what's important is who made it, not who "owns" it. No one cares who owns the van Gogh or da Vinci paintings, as long as they keep it secure. Other than that? I don't even know who owns those canvases, the important thing is the painter, not the owner. The same goes for instagram art or whatever people try to steal with NFTs now.
Even if that was legit, and dehenne-thief was a legit owner of the "card" now... who would care about that? It would still be David's art.

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