Testing exporting to .ora :)
It turns out that GnuIMP and @Krita disagrees with MyPaint regarding some stupid important values inside layers stack description and it causes lots of trouble. This pretty little lady was created in the middle of procrastination with brushes in MyPaint.

Roses and narcissi. I'm recently practicing drawing with a pen (actual pen + ink!). The results are okay, I think.

The page with two flowers was referenced from a picture (a book "Sztuka rysowania" teaching drawing), while the other rose was referenced from a photo. I can see the leaves are more realistic while the inside is less, I guess seeing the phases in the reference drawing helped me manage the complexity in my own work easier.

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Character jiggling with Spine2d. Felt like a really good practice to animate a simple shaped character.

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And we've got a new feature release! Krita 4.3.0 is out for Linux, Windows, MacOS and as a beta still, for Android: krita.org/en/item/krita-4-3-0-

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@Krita Peertube link for the release notes: share.tube/videos/watch/1180b9

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CoC is not needed until it's needed and then it's better to have it than not
- tiar, 2020

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Hoping this posts in the right order, and apologies for the state of the descriptive text because I'm not used to writing it for whole comic pages!

As previously stated, CW for tooth related body horror and a bit of blood!

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Polish politicians have declared LGBT+ people "enemies of the state." Pride marches are being attacked. Show your solidarity and sign now. #JestemLGBT a.allout.org/s/P9ByW/

I have too many hobbies :) This is half of a page for my Spiderman minicomic. I sketched out 5 pages and I hope to be done with them this year! :P Anyone has a good idea how to speed it up, considering that I use this "sculpting" technique because I have no idea how to make a lineart look good? I decided to not constrain myself to one technique and just do what is easiest/fastest, but... I still want it to look nice.

The address of my Krita + personal in English (for now) is outsideofinfinity.wordpress.com/ , but I will be moving in some time soon.

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Latest events in Poland and some conversations etc. made me realize that in fact I want three blogs, not two: (1) Krita/development related, (2) my personal blog with stuff in English, (3) again personal but in Polish, with for example explanations what do I believe and why (hopefully I will find a motivation to find good scienfic sources for stuff, too). It's sometimes really difficult to fix someone's ignorant comment in less than a page of text :)

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I need to be better about watching gsoc projects of my favorite programs.

Not only the @Krita android port is slowly becoming a reality but also there is a gsoc to integrate the amazing brushes to :)


By the way if you have an android tablet and want to help this amazing /#FOSS tool up you can install the experimental android version and report bugs. :)

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talks about homo- and transphobia etc. 

I know this whole website is probably very USA-centric and you guys have more important issues now, but... it's a pride month, there was supposed to be an equality parade next week. But instead I got a call from my parent that sex ed classes are waste of precious time because math > "teaching 30 genders" (what about all other goals of sex ed?), and my president signed a declaration that is quite antI-lgbt... :(

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New pride stickers are available on my Etsy shop! Now with aro and trans puns!

Other available pride stickers:
- Rainbow/Homo
- Bi
- Aro
- Ace
- Pan
- Trans
- Ally

Buy them at Etsy.com/shop/saxitlurg

Two dickheads came this week asking for help... dear dickheads, making an enemy out of me doesn't bring you closer to solving you problem. In fact, it's the other way around. I don't have enough time to help all the nice people, not gonna waste it on those that I don't want to interact with...

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Blender Animation Studio does it again!

Coffee Run - Blender Open Movie - video.blender.org video.blender.org/videos/watch

Watch it on #peertube please BOOST!

#BlenderAnimationStudio #3d #blender #b3d #animation #mastoart #foss #opensource

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