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So, Dmitry Kazakov is currently working on improving the mesh transform for , and he thinks he'll be able to propegate parts of the algorithm and UI to the mesh gradients as well.

Abstract art... aka testing the Freehand Path Tool in Krita. It's much easier to work with than the Shape brush, and it has a nice smoothing, too. This is made with "Precision: Straight" (and of course Outline: No Outline and Fill: Foreground Color) in the Tool Options.

I like the colors here, look a bit like a cartoon version of a burger or a tropical island.

(If someone gets inspired by this, feel free to steal the color palette ;) )

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This is the release which contains all the weird Penrose stuff I've been doing, as well as the google summer of code project by Amyspark. Or and there's gradient maps for texutres too!

A big release for ye who loves them some textures!

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I posted a new version of my 2010 article about tablet ergonomics on the blog. I hope it will help you improving your digital painting setup: davidrevoy.com/article30/ergon
#tablet #ergonomy #digitalpainting

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Last time I counted, there were 14 new questions on r/krita in the last 24h. Today there were 17 new questions... Anyone here knowing @Krita and wanting to help out sometimes? ;)

If someone has some time to spare and would like to play with a new toy, I've made a SeExpr script for Krita that creates a 3-point perspective grid. It's not difficult to use (you don't need to know how to code etc.) but I want to get some feedback to possibly improve it to make it easier/nicer for people to work with. The image here shows three different generated grids.

(You'll need a dev version of Krita if you want to try it).

Instruction and link to the script:


Actually recently I bought a real book online and it was visibly larger than A4 (it was a drawing manual book, I expected it to be somewhat big, but not THAT big...).

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...and it still hardly say anything about the "feel" of the book that you could get from the real back cover description. No idea why, they always try to say the story instead of show the athmosphere *and* say the brief of the story.
Also the size and length and even font size of the printed book says a lot what the target audience is, lots of it is lost when searching for an ebook.

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How do people know which ebooks to buy?
Always when I was at the library, and later in bookshops, I would go to the specific category, look at the titles, then look at the book itself, and finally read a bit about it on the backside, and it was fast, but in the virtual bookstore I'm lost - to get to the "bit about" I need to click and then scroll a lot, and sometimes go to a "different version" (aka printed) because it has a different description...

How to ruin your life in three easy steps:
1. Go to sleep at 2am.
2. Go to sleep at 4am.
3. Go to sleep at 5.30am.

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One of our GSoC students made this storyboarding/animation feature and would love people to test it: krita-artists.org/t/storyboard Thanks!

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The director of Scoob! asked for Scooby-Doo fanart to share on instagram so I made this just for him because 5/8ths of his Scooby Doo filmography includes sexualizing these kids.


Playing with amyspark 's GSOC project to add SeExpr scripts to Krita. I created a gradient generator, one for standard seexpr gradients and one for HSL-based ones (there are three curves that control the color).

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Krita.org needs artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

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goth scholar caracal baby
yes? yes. I hadn't settled on a name for him yet.

Testing exporting to .ora :)
It turns out that GnuIMP and @Krita disagrees with MyPaint regarding some stupid important values inside layers stack description and it causes lots of trouble. This pretty little lady was created in the middle of procrastination with brushes in MyPaint.

Roses and narcissi. I'm recently practicing drawing with a pen (actual pen + ink!). The results are okay, I think.

The page with two flowers was referenced from a picture (a book "Sztuka rysowania" teaching drawing), while the other rose was referenced from a photo. I can see the leaves are more realistic while the inside is less, I guess seeing the phases in the reference drawing helped me manage the complexity in my own work easier.

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Character jiggling with Spine2d. Felt like a really good practice to animate a simple shaped character.

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