I figured Norf should be able to get some use out of his big teeth and making him be able to unhinge and stretch his jaw made a lot of sense lol (slight body horror maybe?)

No Comfort for the Lonely King πŸ‘‘

He's probably reflecting on past decisions 🀫

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Well, redrew a drawing I did about 4-5 months of my OC, Zea. Progressing πŸ‘. Finally, my hands are getting a semblance of what I am seeing in my mind. Now about painting....

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Finished Zelda! The outcome is quite different than I first planned but that's okay.

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Wanna do another livestream of landscape sketches soon. They're always so fun to do. Maybe this weekend. :)

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Welp, first post to the site, it's my first "complete" 3d model in blender.

It's Beauregard from #CriticalRole

#lowpoly #DnD #CriticalRole #3d #blender #art

trying to figure out what Ai's outfit looks like and,,,,, its just so plain...,.,πŸ˜‘ πŸ˜…

first session and they nearly die from trying to pet a dog Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― i love them
even tho theyre squishy af

Felt like trying a different painting method. It was fun but the colors were difficult πŸ˜…

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Un-named oc #36 lmao
He’s the little brother of Idris :p

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instant regret after posting the first version lol. so i took it down and made some adjustments πŸ˜…

Ai~ ❀️❀️
Felt like trying a different painting method and I think it came out rly well 😍

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