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, take two! hi. I'm Caroline and I live in .

I'm an american illustrator and comic artist, and I'm currently concentrating on developing my original work. I adore gay magic aesthetic, lush color, and stories with heart. ♥

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hey lovelies, did you know that there's a really rad comic kickstarter running now that needs some help? if you can't support it, signal boosts would be a huge help!!

ack, I was gonna close this form this morning but I totally forgot to boost it one more time yesterday--so last call!! holiday card from me to you, totally free of charge and just because I wanna do something nice!!

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if i have learned anything in these past couple of months: your suffering Does Not benefit others, especially not the ones that care about you. respect yourself, you're worthy of your own kindness <3

other morning salt: if you fill out your ks reward survey nine months late, don't complain about a delay on receiving your shit. I don't care. I'm tired. also, you might be going to hell.

teaser info:
1. yes they absolutely bone
2. no it's not a comic
3. I'm really really really excited about it

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I keep trying to preface this with a bit of context but it keeps sounding really salty so suffice it to say there's a new project in the works and I sketched out the mcs last night and I'm in love

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@purplePaws For a variety of body types and interesting poses I really like Croquis Cafe's image archive:

Bodies in Motion has a lot of acrobatic/gymnastic poses, yeah, but a lot of other variety of action-y poses as well:

The photographic Height/Weight chart gives a lot of examples of body types at various height/weights:

And the Humanae tumblr is a fantastic resource of different faces!
(That link will give you a random face every time you click it, or you can go to the main blog and just scroll through at your leisure.)

Hope this helps! :)

I'm still working on this but really like how it's coming along...the only catch is that it's definitely gonna be in color. I've lost patience with figuring that out for the time being, though. \o/;

that wonderful moment when you open a file you were working on late last night and it still looks ✨good✨

I'm dragging my ass back into huevember, even though I'm egregiously late 🙃

good morning, lovelies! I'm armed with a french press of tea, the black sails soundtrack, and a view of the beach. time to get some drawing done 💪

ooh, and quick little addendum: the full design of rowan's tattoos, and the reason why I'm glad this isn't a comic project!

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which is all to say I sat down and did this very self-indulgent thing because it makes me happy

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talk (sort of) for the day....rowan and asher, who are characters from my creative partner's novel project! I love them and am very happy to have been a part of watching them grow into their story :>

not pictured: that house finch's 15 girlfriends and the five million titmice that hang out with me year round

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brain gremlins are giving me some trouble lately, but I have a birdfeeder outside my bedroom window and a bird id app on my phone, which makes me feel like a very dedicated old lady.

....though of course the really fun part is my inspiration board above my screens 😉

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