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More graphing of brush shapes for egaku.io, my free multi-user digital painting web/mobile app. Multiplying the raised cosine by a hardness factor and clamping it seems to be the way to go for hard brushes.
mastodon.art/media/-2xIvg-WyJE mastodon.art/media/UGceabUEYLs

Graphing brush shapes for egaku.io, my free multi-user digital painting web/mobile app. I think a raised cosine should make for a nice soft brush shape. Now I have to figure out a way of morphing it into a hard brush. It's tempting to just multiply the z axis by a hardness factor and clamp it to 1.
mastodon.art/media/-u_AP45ZrK_ mastodon.art/media/2f0l5oypuPr

American cartoons always get reindeer wrong. Reindeer aren't brown and they don't have greyhound's faces. To me, they have a face like a cow or a moose mixed together. Frozen got it right, but I heard people got confused and didn't realize it was a reindeer. 🤦‍♂️ I grew up in an area that had reindeer. I know them as animals that very easily get run over in the summer because their coat is often the same grey colour as the road. mastodon.art/media/39Ttzbk-BlQ mastodon.art/media/3gVyGBGJhub

I'm home for Christmas. It's not the North Pole, but it's definitely in the Arctic, and there are reindeer here. I think it's hard to find a more appropriate place to celebrate Christmas in.

I don't draw much anymore, but I need hardware to test egaku.io, the painting software I'm developing. I could buy a Wacom Intuos Pro or maybe something cheaper, since it's only for testing. I may need to buy other hardware too, since people are using all sorts of devices these days. I technically don't even have a budget for this until the Patreon grows a bit, but I have a feeling that no more pledges are going to be made there until I release some software... mastodon.art/media/s0ktXISM_Xi

Drawing of Monkey Island's LeChuck that I made for Inktober in 2016. mastodon.art/media/KrxTzqC5kR7

Drawing of Cartoon Network's Dexter and Dee-dee that I made for Inktober in 2016. mastodon.art/media/zipNaUDWsxr

Another old animation from when I was trying to make a brony parody. mastodon.art/media/U3kJipqu0CF

Mockup of egaku.io, the multi-user digital painting web app I'm developing.