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American cartoons always get reindeer wrong. Reindeer aren't brown and they don't have greyhound's faces. To me, they have a face like a cow or a moose mixed together. Frozen got it right, but I heard people got confused and didn't realize it was a reindeer. 🤦‍♂️ I grew up in an area that had reindeer. I know them as animals that very easily get run over in the summer because their coat is often the same grey colour as the road. mastodon.art/media/39Ttzbk-BlQ mastodon.art/media/3gVyGBGJhub

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@thor "Reindeer" in american cartoons look more like the whitetail deer that are common in my region of the US.

I think back when the who Santa Claus myth got big 100 years ago artists didn't know what reindeer looked like so they drew the only "deer" they knew. And now it's just tradition to draw them that way.

These days a lot of people in the US don't ever realize reindeer are a real thing.


@thor Oh yeah talk about it, I feel like a lot of people just confuse reindeer with regular brown deer somehow? I mean I have seen reindeer of darker colour in nature too but they're generally pretty light and during winter it's hell to drive because you can never know when they jump out of the snow


@thor Yeah, USAns apparently think reindeer are whitetail deer, which is silly because we *have* reindeer here, we just call them caribou.

Whitetails (and mule deer) are a lot more common, though, and they get run over pretty regularly because they dash into the road - especially in mating season when the doe will dart across between cars but the bucks will follow without looking.



Just to clue-in Canadian readers:

Reindeer are exactly the same species as our Caribou, except our caribou are in wild herds.

Rudolf the red-nosed caribou just doesn't click somehow though.


What? You doubt me?





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