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Does anyone else NOT have a bit of mild image noise in their vision at all times that gets stronger in the dark, just like a camera except it's ultra HD fine-grained? Checking because there's a thread on Reddit with a bunch of people claiming that seeing that image noise isn't universal. 😮

@banjofox If you look at live analog video, old 8/16 mm film, or the local video preview from a cheap webcam, there is often snow/grain/static embedded in the picture. Little "atoms" that dance around randomly. Some of us have that in our vision. It's especially easy to see if you stare at a flat surface like a white ceiling or wall, or if you're in a dark room.


Oh those!
I've heard them referred to as "floaters" but yeah I tend to not notice them.

@banjofox Floaters are different. They look like little amoeba that seem to float in your field of vision, especially visible when looking up at a blue sky. They don't flicker but can dance around a bit.

The phenomenon I'm talking about is documented on Wikipedia as visual snow. Here's a simulation: visionsimulations.com/visual-s

It's easiest to observe at night in indoor lighting, or simply by switching off the lights.


Ooooooh... okay.

Yeah that I do not have, or at least have never noticed.

@banjofox And that's very strange to me. It's never not been there. I mean, if I'm not paying attention to it, I don't notice it, but I occasionally become aware of it when I'm bored.


of course having looked at the simulation for probably too long I can't shake it off XD

@banjofox I... have infected you with visual snow? XD

@thor I expect that some people's brains are better at filtering that stuff

@LogicalDash I was thinking of that. Maybe the sort of person who doesn't see it is also the sort of person who doesn't notice noise in images...

@thor never in the light (or, very rarely only if I'm trying to focus on the fuzz), but maaaan, all the time in the dark. Had no clue it supposedly isn't universal lol 😰

@thor I have it, not just in the dark, also when looking at unicolor surfaces