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Hey everyone! I'm new here. I'm a programmer who used to draw a lot, and I'm working on a multi-user digital painting web app. It's pretty much gonna be like GIMP or Krita but in a web browser.

It's called egaku and it's free software on a AGPLv3 license.

Website at egaku.io/

Patreon at patreon.com/egakuio

Slack room invite: goo.gl/CEBDXV

I'd like to get in touch with anyone who's interested.


I'm interested in hearing more about it :)
Have my hands full on the dev-side though.

⚒️Thor, the Norseman⚒️ @thor

@banjofox So do I. I have a full time job to juggle with this. Expect a lot of progress on this during weekends, breaks and vacations, at least so long as I'm not heavily backed on Patreon.