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More graphing of brush shapes for egaku.io, my free multi-user digital painting web/mobile app. Multiplying the raised cosine by a hardness factor and clamping it seems to be the way to go for hard brushes.
mastodon.art/media/-2xIvg-WyJE mastodon.art/media/UGceabUEYLs

Graphing brush shapes for egaku.io, my free multi-user digital painting web/mobile app. I think a raised cosine should make for a nice soft brush shape. Now I have to figure out a way of morphing it into a hard brush. It's tempting to just multiply the z axis by a hardness factor and clamp it to 1.
mastodon.art/media/-u_AP45ZrK_ mastodon.art/media/2f0l5oypuPr

American cartoons always get reindeer wrong. Reindeer aren't brown and they don't have greyhound's faces. To me, they have a face like a cow or a moose mixed together. Frozen got it right, but I heard people got confused and didn't realize it was a reindeer. 🤦‍♂️ I grew up in an area that had reindeer. I know them as animals that very easily get run over in the summer because their coat is often the same grey colour as the road. mastodon.art/media/39Ttzbk-BlQ mastodon.art/media/3gVyGBGJhub

Ugh, half of the front page pictures on DeviantArt is naked chicks. Can y'all grow older and get over your hormonal teens and twenties, so the rest of us can get actual good artwork on the front page?

If programming is like playing the keyboard, then...

C++ is Beethoven
Java is Mozart
Python is Dave Brubeck
JavaScript is Skrillex
PHP is Scooter
BASIC is Dr. Alban

Funny how you constantly see artists who are open for commissions, but the moment you actually need one...

Ugh, Steven Universe has become one of those shows where the fans get weirdly obsessed with it and ruin it.

I'm asking every artist I like if they can do those egaku.io illustrations. None of them have replied yet. This is good stuff:





I draw too, but I can't draw like this without cheating (copying by eye). If I didn't have a bit of talent myself, I'd probably be less picky about this, and it would be easier to find an artist.

You know you're not a youth anymore when your dad is retiring and just had his last day at work. He's been a journalist in my home town's newspaper for as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of time in his office when I was a kid, so it's like a goodbye for me too.

@EmergencyBattle @pathfinder @he_xie @marionline @banjofox@dev.glitch.social Ended up writing polite replies to everyone. Thanks for the good advice! I was at a loss for what to do there for a while.

What's the nicest way of turning down applications? If I reply, it's a rejection. If I don't, it's a snub.

I've been at the receiving end of both: The reply is a blow to your ego and makes you feel like a loser. The lack of a reply preserves your ego more but makes you mad for being snubbed.

I can't acknowledge an offer I'm not going to accept without also having to reject it.

The worst is apologetic rejections. Does anyone else think it's almost better to be blunt like it's no big deal?

So, I am making egaku.io and I am a Mastodon user. What are some possible synergies between egaku.io, the social drawing app, and Mastodon the social network? Sharing a link to a live painting room is the obvious one, but that can be done on all social networks.


I'm wondering if egaku.io's concept could actually benefit from allowing a more asynchronous form of interaction somehow. Every social medium seems to share that trait.

Does anyone else NOT have a bit of mild image noise in their vision at all times that gets stronger in the dark, just like a camera except it's ultra HD fine-grained? Checking because there's a thread on Reddit with a bunch of people claiming that seeing that image noise isn't universal. 😮

Artist looking to do commissioned work? I may have a job for you:

I need an artist who draws in that round flat animesque style that's so popular these days (similar to Adventure Time or Steven Universe).

You will need to make several color illustrations, mostly of single characters:

- Mascot for an open source software project in various improvised poses
- Amusing illustrations of Patreon reward levels
- Various small illustrations for decorating website

DM me your portfolio if interested!

I'm home for Christmas. It's not the North Pole, but it's definitely in the Arctic, and there are reindeer here. I think it's hard to find a more appropriate place to celebrate Christmas in.

I don't draw much anymore, but I need hardware to test egaku.io, the painting software I'm developing. I could buy a Wacom Intuos Pro or maybe something cheaper, since it's only for testing. I may need to buy other hardware too, since people are using all sorts of devices these days. I technically don't even have a budget for this until the Patreon grows a bit, but I have a feeling that no more pledges are going to be made there until I release some software... mastodon.art/media/s0ktXISM_Xi

Self portrait I did of myself! This is still one of my favorite paintings.

Drawing of Monkey Island's LeChuck that I made for Inktober in 2016. mastodon.art/media/KrxTzqC5kR7