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I'm still writing things for my digital art blog "The Art Squirrel" as well as doing Illustration. I moved it from Medium to WordPress last year.

Just blocking in initial colours for the Sparrow sketches I drew earlier. I've fulfilled my personal aim of sketching birds for another day, but I may as well keep working on them for a bit.

I'll probably just colour in one of these sketches or do them all in a looser style. I wanted to do some Sparrows for the bird theme today.

Different angles will help with a 3D model if I ever get around to making one as well.

Bird for Wednesday. This one is a Pelican, I think it is a Brown Pelican- possibly Eastern variety but I'm not certain about that.

The photo ref I used for this study is from Pexels. Painted it using Krita again with a more oil paint/pastel / loose-ish approach I guess.

I've got a bit more to do on my bird study for today but I'll post it later. I'm painting a Pelican standing on a bin lid today.

i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

Now for something completely different. I've participated in the Paint Over Fast Competition at Revision 2021.

Coastal Custodians (inspired by a chaos picture) was created within less than 24 h including sleep and breaks. It won 1st place. 🐳 💙

#art #mastoart #demoscene #revision2021

Here is sketch / painting study of a Wren ( ) for day 2 of bird week (just the topic I'm doing for my studies this week). Took a bit longer on this one.

Painted in Krita.

I've got one of these birds in my garden, they are really cute.

This is what I'm working on today for day 2 of the daily sketch challenge I'm doing.

Painting in Krita again. I decided to try a more gouache style/ flat colour approach at least for now while I'm blocking in the colours.

Out of my comfort zone TBH, I usually work with mix / smudge brushes or pencil style, but feel better now I'm getting to the detail bit. I'll work on it some more yet.

It's bird week! This is a painting study (around 1 hr or so) I just made using Krita. I love the new RGBA brushes, they are gorgeous! The bird is called a Long-tailed tit (

I'll be drawing birds for my daily sketches this week. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. Birds won at 67% over fish at 33%.

I'm trying to come up with ideas for videos I could make. Would anyone be interested in a retrospective type video about my art journey so far?

Here are some of my old digital paintings from ages back (2004-2007).

Next weeks art theme?

I've started doing YouTube video virtual cycling with my cheap exercise bike in front of my TV. The other day the guy was cycling around Ireland and kept getting lost and checking his map- very realistic.

is so good y'all. I know there are a lot of . I personally struggle with podcasts, they either sound like NPR shows or a bunch of friends just shooting the shit, it makes it hard for me to listen to. But this one seems really balanced, the artists are all amazing and bring their own perspectives to the table, they tackle different topics, and they have several artists of color as hosts, please check it out it needs WAY more love!!!

Rabbits galore. Here are all of the sketches from this week. I could put a digital sketchbook together if I keep this up.

Here is the last rabbit / hare themed sketch for this week. This one is a rabbit. I painted it in Clip Studio Paint, but I think for the next sketches I'm going to use Krita because I like working in it more.

They will be on the subject of birds or fish depending on how the poll I put up earlier goes.🎨

I probably haven't made it clear enough that I'm an Illustrator/artist, so I just want to mention that I have an Illustration portfolio here:
It is still work in progress, but I've been saying that to myself for many years now. I should probably try to get more serious about it.

Next weeks art theme?

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