Prickleback Adoptable
75USD for full color design
DM if you'd like him~

Finished lineart commission for my buddy Scribs on twitter of their Eliksni OC~

Hisslord Brusier adoptable for Sale!
75USD gets you full lineart and color, dm if you'd like him!

I'll be offering two 75usd monster design slots for those interested! If youd like a specially designed monster lad please feel free to shoot me a message. You get the files sent to you as well (included lineart and color)

Werewolf God design for Karew on twitter!

I offer designs for anyone interested! They usually go for 75usd for color pieces like this one~

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Banshee Queen (night) and Forest Queen (day) Sylvanas from the incredible Fey AU fic "Death Comes on Soundless Feet" by Raffinit ;;;;; - You can read it right here ! >>> <<<

I'll have to figure out how tags work in the morning, goodnight lovelies~

Eliksni OC for my good friend Vitani! I love drawing Eliksniiii

Older commission i'm still proud of~ back in my final fantasy days. Done for Kha-merc on tumblr~

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