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I guess it's time I made an . I'm an ICT Technician in the south-west of Norway, and I dabble in a lot of things in my spare time.

When I'm being unproductive I tend to ( and , mostly), or browse the Internet. I also like to , both at home and in a .

I use and . I do like a good , and might inflict some upon you.

Why do people in Westeros prefer colourful art? 

Because they are afraid of greyscale…

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Why did the rhythm of life end up in a serving of borscht? 

Because the rhythm of life is a powerful beet…

Did you know Marx wrote travel guides? 

At least he wrote one book about the capital…

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Choir dream/nightmare 

Not much of a , all things considered, but tonight I dreamed of everything that could go wrong at practice:

- I was trying to not fall asleep and fell off the chair
- The others started singing while I was still looking for the score
- I didn't know the songs we were singing
- We never stopped talking over the conductor

Guess it must be since we have the first practice with the new conductor today…

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I read the first chapter today, but it's been a long time since I wrote notes by hand…

Now my wrist isn't entirely well, and the paper is covered in chicken-scratches.

At least it's a good excuse to actually use the fountain pen…

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I'm donating some textbooks to the library, but going through them and erasing all my underlining and notes is not my idea of fun…

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I've had the starter set for third edition laying in a cupboard for years, but never actually played it.

Now I've bought the fifth edition starter set – guess I must be an optimist 😛

After working as an ICT-Technician for about 10 years, I'm currently in the process of trying to get a certificate of apprenticeship («fagbrev»).

The first step is a 5 hour written exam at the end of november.

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If you'd like to get a piece of art and support an artist, I've got lots of originals and prints available in my shop!
Boosts are super appreciated 💙 ✨

I just finished Tristan Gooley's "The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs" that my sister got me.

It deals, unsurprisingly, with clues and signs that you can find in , including how to navigate and tell the time/date using the sun, the moon, the stars and other things.

I found it quite interesting to read about all the information you can glean on a walk, that you usually don't know/think about.

GnuCash question 

I ended up going with my own suggestion – reconciling everything from 2016 through 2019 as if I had bank statements backing up the numbers.

They should be ok though, except perhaps some dates being a day or two off.

I've reconciled 2020 so far by checking the actual statements from my bank.

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Where should you go to get an old-fashioned phone? 

To the POTS-office…

The new conductor for the has signed the papers today, we're back on track again!🎉

We had our first rehearsal after March, with covid precautions. In addition to discussion there was some with little warm up and somewhat rusty memory, but singing nonetheless.

I'm somewhat sad that I have to wait another week for a proper rehearsal, though.

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Introducing Inkscape 1.0.1...! This version includes bug & crash patches for 1.0 along with an experimental feature. Let us know what you love. Report what doesn't work. Download Linux, Windows, (coming soon) Mac:

Read all about it at:

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