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I guess it's time I made an . I'm an ICT Technician in the south-west of Norway, and I dabble in a lot of things in my spare time.

When I'm being unproductive I tend to ( and , mostly), or browse the Internet. I also like to , both at home and in a .

I use and . I do like a good , and might inflict some upon you.

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Don’t know if I love it yet, but I dislike it less now.

How do you produce a new moon? 

You need two fertile crescents, and possibly some amount of moonshine…

I't Advent! 🎉

I've been decorating the apartment with various things, including the three variants of advent stars that I bought.

The year's first gingerbread cookie has also been consumed.

The written exam is done! 🎉 Now to wait for the results…

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We are pleased to announce the release of GNU Guix version 1.2.0, right in time to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Guix!

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A set of twins as an xmas gift. This painting was cut in half so each owner could have the art of their twin mailed to them. They will be made whole again when the two owners meet in person at a future date.

Each half is 4"x6". I really like doing these symmetrical cut-apart paintings. I'll post pics of the ready-to-mail cards later once I get them prepped.

The town's Christmas tree was set up today. It won't have its lights lit before Advent, though (on Sunday, presumably)

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I made these into a 4x6" postcard set a couple years back. I am including them in my Cut Time bundle until supplies last :3

The other day I was startled to see a black rash on my hands; a lot of small black specks that didn't seem to come off.

I spent some time worrying about them, but they went away next time I washed my hands.

They appeared again some days later, but I found out what caused them. I'd been cleaning a whiteboard, and the sponge I'd used was full of "dust" from dry-erase markers…

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“Whatever the future may bring, I’m so glad I met you.”

- Dorothea Arnault

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What do you do when they won't let you sing in the band? 

Start a contra-band…


I had dessert for dinner yesterday…

I was planning on trying to make something with mango, but ended up making Puja Sheera, an semolina dessert.

For dinner the plan was originally to heat some leftovers, but I made a relatively large batch of dessert relatively late, so I ended up just eating that. I guess it helped that it was a sort of porridge.

Why did Ebenezer Scrooge need pest control? 

Because of an infestation of humbugs…

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Random idea (has it been done?):

You're presented with a black screen, filled with randomly placed stars.

Your task is to trace the constellations you can see (that is, the ones you imagine looking at the image)

I'd bought a ticket for the concert in 16.11, but it's being postponed to sometime in 2021 (hopefully).

I'm glad they did, considering the covid situation I didn't want to go at this time anyway.

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