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I guess it's time I made an . I'm an ICT Technician in the south-west of Norway, and I dabble in a lot of things in my spare time.

When I'm being unproductive I tend to ( and , mostly), or browse the Internet. I also like to , both at home and in a .

I use and . I do like a good , and might inflict some upon you.

Det oppstod søt musikk då Brødrene Dal på reise i India møtte søstrene Chana, Urad og Mung Daal.

(Another , in case you were wondering)

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Another hidden gem of @Krita is the reference image tool which allows to pin reference images on canvas. It also comes in handy when you are painting on a big canvas and want to refer to other parts of the canvas, just select the portion you want to refer and then copy merged - ctrl + shift + C and then paste the copied part as reference - ctrl + shift + R, done no more panning here and there

I propose that autumn has now started …

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Made a quick drawing.

Cheated a little and used MakeHuman to create the figure, which I then posed in Blender and more or less traced in Krita.

I took a six hour trek with some colleagues this weekend, and now my leg muscles are sore…

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The Color Thief🌈✨
‘The rainbow sword is broken, yet its guardian clings stubbornly to it. It’s still glowing.’

I've been spending too much time studying lately… (again…)

Seems that the is being held 13. to 15. September this year, in the public library.

The is in quite dire straits…

We started with a meeting about our situation, only to prolong the holiday for a month to see if things got better.

We don't have a conductor, and now the pianist has fallen ill… The possibility of having to disband has also been brought up.

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It's season again, which means I get to do all the practice that I've neglected all summer…

Minecraft rant 

Minecraft rant 

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