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I guess it's time I made an . I'm an ICT Technician in the south-west of Norway, and I dabble in a lot of things in my spare time.

When I'm being unproductive I tend to ( and , mostly), or browse the Internet. I also like to , both at home and in a .

I use and . I do like a good , and might inflict some upon you.

Tonight's entertainment was "Mary and the Witch's Flower".

I watched it with japanese audio, but the norwegian and danish subtitles were for the dubbed version, so I ended up watching it with swedish subtitles…

On a related note, that a "pinery" can be either a pine forest or a pineapple plantation.

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Where do pineapples grow? 

Not quite so nice things 

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Tried an electric can opener for the first time in my life today. Bought it for my father for Christmas – sort of surprised how well it actually worked.

(Of course, some companies here are moving away from cans to save the environment…)


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Qing Han (Qinni).

Yesterday a young talented artist died of cancer.
May she always be remembered for the art she gave to the world.

#illustration #mastoart

After about two days of "winter wonderland" we're back to more "normal" .

The weather app is lit up like a Christmas tree with warnings: high and/or extreme risk of avalanche, large/extreme risk of very/extremely high tide, moderate risk of a lot of rain, moderate risk of landslides and flooding. And a named "extreme weather" warning for good measure…

Version 5.8 of has been released: (The Windows package may not be 100% yet, according to the forums)

More nice things 

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Nice things that happened today 

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#GodotEngine contributors are thrilled and delighted to release our newest major update, Godot 3.2, after 10 months of work by 450 contributors!

The focus was on bugfixing and usability, but features weren't left out either. Read the blog for an overview!

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Check out some of the new features in LibreOffice 6.4 – released today – in our video:

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