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In the seclusion of the pandemic, I started drawing things on paper. Creating initially with watercolor, then graphite, where I relearned the basics, and by the time I drew this, I'd become taken with ink.

Seven to Eternity is a comic that I was reading at the time, and the art inspired me enough to study it here with ink and coffee for staining.

Posting this one on its own as I think it's the best I drew last year 💕
Origing story of my OC Anthony, raised by birds of prey 🦅

I've been learning acrylics. Learning how brush meets canvas (or paper, in this case). To do this, I've been working through a book called "Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings" by Mark Daniel Nelson.

It's been quite a process, but here is #50 against #1.

The path that leads down towards Paradise Bottom. Leigh Woods. Watercolour and gouache.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle and your crash helmet on at all times.

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