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Okay it's time to introduce myself. Hello, I'm Dawner and I draw furry stuff(mostly). I dig doing adopts and custom character designs. Hell yeah. I'll go ahead and post some of my recent shit.


Eyy Masto long time no see. Here's something I did in Fresco. It has fancy watercolor brushes and yet no freaking smudge tool.

Hello Mastodon, it's time for an !

My name is Glacier and I digitally paint dragons and fantasy landscapes and the occasional weird oddity!

Drawing is my greatest passion; I'm self-taught and currently striving to improve in every way I can. I want to be the best I can possibly be, and perhaps even one day turn what I love into a living! But for now I simply hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I'm looking forward to becoming part of this wonderful community C:


New char get, think imma name her Varr or something like that. I love her design lots and she’s more bruised and battered than this image lets on. The writing besides her was done by a good friend and I’m honestly so delighted by it.

Day 2 of Sketchtember, late because I'm disorganized and slow.
Ignore the sod, he's just being overly dramatic.

Wanted to do a Sketchtember prompt although this is not very sketchy. EHH. Used the expression prompt from Elizardc_arts.

Haven't done a bigger illustration in a while so here's a commission for DakyDakara and LythicKar from FA. They're dressed up as Venom Snake and Quiet from MGS 5. I should probably play that game sometime.

Some The Witcher fan OC’s for a friend ‘n me! Next time I swear I’llmdo better than some portraits.

hello mastodon! i'm mage and i like to draw with things that make my heart happy


hallo! i'm val
i like silly things
and being silly
especially with friends😙
i always playing game and music
my head is always bread
😁 thank u for seeing

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