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Okay it's time to introduce myself. Hello, I'm Dawner and I draw furry stuff(mostly). I dig doing adopts and custom character designs. Hell yeah. I'll go ahead and post some of my recent shit.


Happy belated New Year, have sum art. It appears that I’m going through a phase called ‘everything has to have some orange accent of sorts.’

Eyy Masto long time no see. Here's something I did in Fresco. It has fancy watercolor brushes and yet no freaking smudge tool.


Well this was cathartic. I should draw my characters getting maimed more often.

New char get, think imma name her Varr or something like that. I love her design lots and she’s more bruised and battered than this image lets on. The writing besides her was done by a good friend and I’m honestly so delighted by it.

Day 2 of Sketchtember, late because I'm disorganized and slow.
Ignore the sod, he's just being overly dramatic.

Wanted to do a Sketchtember prompt although this is not very sketchy. EHH. Used the expression prompt from Elizardc_arts.

Haven't done a bigger illustration in a while so here's a commission for DakyDakara and LythicKar from FA. They're dressed up as Venom Snake and Quiet from MGS 5. I should probably play that game sometime.

Some The Witcher fan OC’s for a friend ‘n me! Next time I swear I’llmdo better than some portraits.

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