First is a mask I finished recently and is up for sale! I'll have a painted version up later too!

Second one is two that are also already listed for sale but of course fully customized.

Here’s a clouds / light I did the other day in . Kind of Martian. Although I hear that actual Martian dawn is Blue. Never let science get in the way of The Muse...

Hello! I'm Amy. I'm an illustrator working in ink. I like using a dip pen and a fine brush. I'm interested in indie comics made the traditional way. Here's some of my stuff. Click here for more:

I keep an to contain my mixed-media experiments. I've gotten strict about making BLACK INK DRAWINGS and then if I feel like using anything else, it goes in the book. It's been helpful to narrow scope.

I've had a gloomy couple of days so I drew my Anxiety monster. He's changed a little over the years but hasn't evolved much from the original design (which was very much based on my own anxiety)

I see you now
In our special place
In the rotting leaves
In autumn

One day soon
I'll come for you
In the rotting leaves
In autumn

“Slowly, in thick, fluid motion, the vast bank of moss, ancient as stars, shifted. After time, the Vicereine saw it had condescended to the preferences of her species by forming a human face from its green mass.

‘Does this form put you at ease?’ it asked, in a low susurration, like silk dragged across a forest floor.

‘Yes’ replied the Vicereine. ‘Thank you.’

‘Then I shall begin...’”

I have a series of drawings I'm working on called the Alchemy of Graphite. This one is Alchemy of Fate.

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