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Greetings, new arrivals! I've been here ages, but I'll tell you about myself in case I check your 'someone to follow' boxes.

I'm an artist, predominantly line art and mandalas. I illustrate colouring books for adults. I also draw tiny spaceships, contraptions and cute mecha-beasties.

I'm a photographer; @welshpixie

I live with @warpgate9, several cats and a dog.

Other interests;
#writing in #scifi, #fantasy and #smut
and #yourface. :p


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Here's ten minutes of me live-coding a song, if that's something you want to listen to?

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I guess it's Saturday night where abunch of you are? Here's a soft and warm lullaby

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If you're new to Masto (or are old to it but still figuring it out) and you want to know how to sort out who to follow: One of my best methods is to find a good conversation, see who's saying things there that make sense, /and follow that profile/.

It's a vastly better algo than checking who's following you (assortment of rando space alien cats), soliciting suggestions (though that can work).

It also means that the best way to get followers /is to converse productively/.


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Most Saturdays are tremendously improved by adding coffee and Björk

Is there a word for when you usually feel like you aren't being productive enough, regardless of how productive you actually are? :/

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