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Introducing myself: I'm a science illustrator and cartoonist, working both digitally and traditionally. I paint a lot of watercolors when I'm left to my own devices. Also I recently got back from living in Antarctica at Palmer Station, the smallest of the US stations there, where I was drawing and painting birds. Portfolio at:
Here's a quick art dump of some stuff:

Here is a pretty good article on Patreon, and on how almost nobody makes even minimum wage on it if they're a creator:

Ok I can’t figure out how to share my Animal Crossing picture but here is my ID:


It's festive cat bum season! My friend Laurie Pink drew this travesty and it's going to be my holiday cards this year. It could be yours, too:

Here’s another botanical from this set of paintings. This fall was a pretty one.

Finishing up a bunch of botanical illustrations today. Here's a snowberry, a native plant to the Northwest where I live.

@MonicaMcLaughlin Yay you're here! We ought to do a once in a while post where we just show off weird vintage shit we found that we want.

A rough skinned newt. One of the most poisonous critters in the area.

I shot this laying on a muddy dirt road. There was a truck coming so I could only snap a few shots before having to rescue this little guy. I didn't even see the ant on his lips until later.

Here is a movie that I drew the animation for, about Nora, the polar bear cub raised at the Columbus and Oregon zoo. It's worth a

To simplify a drawing without sacrificing needed detail or texture, make details share the same value or direction.

Hi All! I post comicking tips on Twitter, and I figured this would be a good place to toot them as well.

I'm also on Mastodon at @Jesse_Hamm

1 Like most of us on this instance, I’m new to Mastodon. I think I posted my first tootstorm in the wrong place, so I’m gonna delete it there and repost it here. Apologies if you wind up seeing it twice.

This'll be about enlivening a comic page.

Ack I have a typo, it's Jakuchu Ito! There's no way to go edit these toots, is there. Oh well.

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One of the things I notice about a lot of young artists is that their influences only go back so far, about a decade or so, for a lot of people. I always suggest that people look at who influenced the artists that they love, who came before. There's a long, long history.

So, you know, if you love Claire Wendling (and who doesn't, and if you don't know her, go look her up this instant), go look and see if you can figure out who she was looking at. She might have been looking at Mirko Hanak because look at the beautiful flowing gesture in all of his animals. And he was almost definitely looking at Asian artists, probably Jakucho Ito, who I will do a post on later.

Go down the rabbit hole, lovelies.

I'm going to try, once a week, to do a post about an artist that I particularly like. This week it's going to be Mirko Hanak, a Czech illustrator and designer who did a lot of book design. He did a lot of wet-on-wet where he dropped a blob of paint into a wet spot on the paper and let it spread out, and then added details; he also did something called "quash" where you load the brush with paint and smoosh it down on the paper to make a shape, with detail added later.

I don't paint like this at all but I love it so much. Here is a pinterest URL for more of his work:

and a Youtube video:

TL:DR — Don’t worry about Mastodon instances, you only need one account to talk to anyone on any instance.

This blog post from @stealthmunchkin sums up a lot

Was gonna toot all my mastodon art, but apparently I haven't drawn very many mastodons. :'(

Here's an elephant.

Also so far? You guys on here are so NICE. I'm liking a lot. Thank you for taking in a birdsite refugee.

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