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Hey what up! I'm a Mexican artist with interest in monsters, creatures, and fanart! I draw both digitally and traditionally and have a very soft spot for pixel art!

DA: itsterriblyartistic
Twitter: trriblyartistic
Tumblr: terribly--artistic

You can see some of my art here!

Now it's Hello!
I'm just spriting more meoms i guess? They are mostly practice
Meoms belong to norientrudo/atrocityland

Getting back into the swing of ! Day 15 is a minute fruit bat with quince flowers. Day 16 is a wild boar with roses

Want to support my work? You can leave a tip on ko-fi!

Ifk if it's possible to change my tag but for all intents and purposes my accounts have been changed to starlightCorvid

Trade for notecardpasta on DA
(first is full pic, second is process)

Did anyone say oc talksprite (no I didn't who did)

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