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Hey what up! I'm a Mexican artist with interest in monsters, creatures, and fanart! I draw both digitally and traditionally and have a very soft spot for pixel art!

DA: itsterriblyartistic
Twitter: trriblyartistic
Tumblr: terribly--artistic

You can see some of my art here!

Already two years old. :) The first four Ubuntu Animals of my still on-going illustration series (28 so far). Inspired by Ubuntu's release names. #ubuntu #illustration #krita #art #mastoart

Burble bobble
Slinks by EnterTheDwelling Ligulars by Jesseth

Ok tho if anyone here's interested in icons like the ones i posted today of ferals and monsters I make them for 10 USD each via Paypal .0

Blood, Gore you know, typical warrior cats stuff) Show more

Something I'm just about never going to finish.
Species by gazhelle on DA