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Hey what up! I'm a Mexican artist with interest in monsters, creatures, and fanart! I draw both digitally and traditionally and have a very soft spot for pixel art!

DA: itsterriblyartistic
Twitter: trriblyartistic
Tumblr: terribly--artistic

You can see some of my art here!

Three jolleraptors+songs.
Virus+Electricityscape by The Strokes
Delta+Kamikaze by Owl City
Bloodmoon+Wolfman by The Front Bottoms

Une très belle journée à tous les mastonautes.

Redo of an older thing.
It's Petezahhutt!

Doggo designs.
Crotalus belongs to me, Arcane Robot belongs to DarkNexon and Stinkky belongs to quantumworlds

I put the Pain in Painting.
(For Jackonetry, and the other two are for HiddenTape)

A sneaky bat & questionable colour choices

more stream freebs bc i've been a drawing machine for the past 12 hours >:V

I'll start by posting some of the lizards I drew last year! Probably some of my favorite pieces I've done in recent time.