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Hi! New here and excited to find this place.
and is the main purpose of this project. It is about the joy of finding and learning new techniques in with a tendency towards the abstract.

I really like the definition of Human-scale, aka Personal Mastery, in the Design Principles Behind Smalltalk.

MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far:

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.

Project spotlight: javascriptmusic
Live coding music and synthesis in Javascript / AssemblyScript (WebAssembly)

Available at:

GitHub link:


Via GitCom you can support open source and get rewards in return or monetize your open source project

#gitcom #github #gitlab #opensource #tech #development #monetization #platform

🌇 Heute ist auch #TagderArchitektur
In vielen Veranstaltungen wird die gesellschaftliche Tragweite baulicher Entscheidungen, Ideen und Projekte zu drängenden Zukunftsfragen diskutiert.
Infos zu Veranstaltungen vor Ort: 🏘️
Artist: #cintavidal in - City:#Ordes Spain 🇪🇸 #streetart #art #MastoArt #urbanart #architektur #houses


We're happy to announce that we just started to work on three new interdependent online resources: the Damaged Earth Catalog, the Permacomputing wiki, and the permacomputing workshop series!


Damaged Earth Catalog

A growing online catalog of the different terms in circulation, used by communities of practice, in relation to computing and network infrastructure informed by ecological ethics, degrowth, resilience, repair, and minimalism. Currently developed by @l03s as part of her PhD research.


Permacomputing wiki

A new wiki about permacomputing that aims to expose its principles, present and discuss the concepts and jargon required to engage with permacomputing, and maintain a repository of related projects. Currently facilitated by @viznut and @320x200 open for contributors!


Permacomputing in the Arts

A workshop series that will be developed throughout end-2022 and 2023 as an onboarding course for permacomputing practices in art an design. The workshops will be made available as an Open Educational Resource. Developed by @320x200 as part of a postdoc research on the topic.

#permacomputing #ecology #art #design #technology

surge xt as a #CLAP plugin. you can now modulate each voice differently (20 in this video) which makes me very happy.

and i am very happy to see #valhalladsp
on the clap list and hope to see #xlnaudio
soon ;) #musicproduction

A lonely tide inspector machine that someone forgot to recover, now slowly becoming a shore fuslow, that some future tecno poet will probably use as an inspiration for a cheap melancholic creation.

Practice mixing greens. I got a new, grey palette. Before that I just had a white one. Much preferring the grey for seeing how neutral a color is or isn't.

When I told people Peach Momoko was a horror artist specializing in body horror, they didn't believe me. They thought she was a "cute Japanese artist" who did covers. Nice to see her showing her this side of herself again.


この絵、さっき自身のインスタで載せたら「心のサポートが必要でしたら …」みたいな内容のメッセージが公式から送られてきて画像削除された。デリケートな内容だったらしいですが、私はこんな感じのスタイルなんで苦手なフォロワーさんは逃げてね。ちなみに私は元気だよ、大丈夫😌


The LMN-3 is an accessible, open source DAW-in-a-box. Pretty amazing fully open source project, built with a Raspberry_Pi . Check out this video showing it in action.

bloodstains, hospital-like room, surgical tools faintly visible 

this took 2 months of my life q__q i even made a conlang for it. it's a part of my worldbuilding canon. every single texture in this is hand painted by me

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