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Hi! New here and excited to find this place.
and is the main purpose of this project. It is about the joy of finding and learning new techniques in with a tendency towards the abstract.

getting back into traditional art 🏃
it reminds me of when I used to do Inktober 🧓🏻

You too can learn to play the cigar box guitar at breakneck speeds if you call now and order this nine tape box set for only nine ninety nine.

photos of me and a video feedback entity from my collaborative a/v performance with @andrei_jay and our friend irfan who isn't on fedi.
we had a fun and transportive show at phase space this past weekend. we ended up having it indoors, which we have never done before but luckily the basement turned out to be big enough and it worked out. i am still so tired though, and am taking my time to gather and edit the documentation. i will try to post a video or sound recording soon...

here's a timelapse (about 2 minutes) for those who like to see at least a bit of the process.

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slower computers, please 

I'm a computer guy, but I'm very much over fast computers. Most of your computer's resources are wasted loading ads and trackers on webpages. Video games require more and more power to deliver less interesting experiences. Don't get me started on cryptocurrency. Computers are getting increasingly complex, therefore less reliable, nearly impossible to repair, wasteful, and devastating to the environment. We need #slowcomputers and more #retrocomputing

Update on the announced self-hostable #bandcamp alternative: Got tons of work done on the foundation over the last days (architecture, reading, transcoding, caching, syncing, configuration, cli arguments, ...). Today was the first time I did some design exporation (first glimpses attached - these are already in-browser screenshots of the functional interface, not mockups :)). I'm developing out in the open at °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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blood, creepy 

a funky lil dude i painted late last year...i wonder what they are talking about

The labels on the medical containers + books etc will be made with a of mine, which I made a font for so I don't have to individually draw every letter lolll. I still have to rasterize them and arrange them though, because they write words vertically - the letters appear left-right-left-right-etc along a line

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My ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review of 'Amore' by Julie Kusma and Derek R King.

Beautiful love letters filled with longing.

#GoodReads #Reading #Poetry #MastoBooks

GlslViewer v2.1.2 is out! New feature: MP4 and GIF RECORDING from the command console. No need to create PNG sequences anymore (you still can if you want more control)! The command is: 'record,<filename>.gif|mp4,<from_sec>,<to_sec>' . Check it out #theWorkshop

a #shader is the language of light, #glslViewer is the tool to speak it.

It complements with any IDE, it's a terminal program, with very little footprint, flexible, scriptable and efficient.
Runs on lot's of different platforms Win/MacOS/Linux, from tiny embed systems like RaspberryPI to a browser through WASM.

There are floating hints now in scnvim and the non-floating post window retains its size when closed and reopened. That last one has really been my dream for such a long time. I am ecstatic to see it finally implemented.

Hier waren 2 x 2 Pastateller gewünscht, einmal in meinem Blütenmuster und einmal in der moderneren Variante. Durch gleiche Form und Farbwahl harmonieren alle 4 trotzdem miteinander.

#Auftragsarbeit #ceramics #mastoart #handMAYde

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