over the last few years I’ve been making a lot of stuffed animals, especially whales made out of recycled denim (ie, old jeans.) all patterns self-drafted, all features embroidered. the first whale I made was 6 ft long :) Fun fact: humpback whales have unique fluke patterns, like fingerprints, so all my whales have unique embroidered patterns on their tails

@zvava Omg it took me hours but I just got this and it’s very good

Never thought you could use them that way but jeans look realy good as whaleskin.

@Hussar right?? I’m definitely not the first person to make denim whales - I got the idea off the internet- but it works so well!

Whats the secret behind those fabrick transitions where you see almost no thread?

@Hussar I’m not sure I totally understand - is there a specific spot on one of the whales that that happens?

I have very little sewing experience but how did you manage to make the thread that holds the different shades of jeans together disappear?

@Hussar oh I see! Well, partly it’s because these are pretty big and the stitches are small, but I also stitched them together inside out and then turned them right side out, which leads to those smooth seams (your clothes are probably sewn with the same technique - that’s why inside seams look different from outside ones)

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