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In a rare move, I am opening orders for whales! I especially want to make some Pride whales with barnacles in Pride colours :) Order form is here!:
(the whale pictured is a humpback in the large size)

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: hi I’m Teffer!
- I do fibre art stuff especially embroidery and felting
- I do theatre and historical costuming; am currently working on sewing an 18th century wardrobe
- I also garden and bake and practice agnostic green witchcraft!

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if you wear an 18th century shift it’s not a stay in bed burnout day it’s an aesthetic

bitches will write a whole poem about a thing and not apply it to their life (I’m bitches)

I am 31 years old and somehow Sarah Dessen’s YA books can still skewer me

caught a double rainbow, a glorious sunset, and the prettiest little crescent moon tonight

got to read a bunch of tarot this weekend including my first ever readings for people I didn’t know :) so fun!

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Finishing the Cave Paintings piece has saved my sanity over the past 36-ish hours.

Overall hoop design by Erica Zubris, based on the cave in Chauvet, France. Each drawing traced from cave art photos.​​​​​​

not great pics bc I took them on the bus but the first pride whale is done! Customer wanted bi pride barnacles & the constellation Gemini included. very very fun.

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many people do not know that this is in fact my bridge, designed as a place for me to eat burritos

central square is not as different as I feared. It’s good to be home.

i had my first kiss in this subway system I am devoted

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say what you will about other cities’ public transit but the Boston subway system smells like popcorn and woodsmoke and that’s always gonna win me over

writing content warnings before the filthy passages in my journal in case my grandkids read it

remember when white river junction just had a little Chinese buffet and a subway you could run across the street to??

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