A couple small things from a few weeks ago when I was feeling out some new hardware

Hi I swear I didn't forget this site I'm just trying to get back in the habit of posting art to the internet again in general

First couple attacks as I get into the swing of things and also remember that, you know, I have places to post stuff and should probably actually do that more often
For KauzAtticfail, dianthus-alpinus, LoveFeel, and TytaniumDroid!

Tryin' to do Gensokyo Festival this year! I haven't done a whole lot of fanart at all lately, but I never realized exactly how much I missed drawing 2hu.

@daisy_todd Thank you thank you! The minigames have always been pretty fun; a bit slower-paced than when I played last year, but it makes everything feel a lot more relaxed, really

Been playing some of the Discord's minigames over the past two weeks or so! And, uh, forgetting to/abstaining from posting art on the internet lately, whoops.

Haven't really done anything big lately but I guess it feels nice to be drawing at all.

I don't do holiday-related doodles very often but I wanted to draw my favorite wizards being cute, so.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

I swear someday I'll make this an actual thing but for now I'm just gonna have to be happy with making fake screenshots

Oh yeah my experimental demo reel was a thing. Basically how I spent the entire last third of 2018.

It's probably about time to reintroduce myself to digital animation, experimental was a nice break but I'm sick of paper and sand

So after being a low-key fan for like three years I've finally really got a chance to play and now all I can draw are squids whoops

I keep forgetting to post things here! Though granted I haven't done much lately in the first place.

@drequivalent It definitely wasn't on purpose, but I suppose the ex-Homestuck in me *does* run pretty deep...

I don't normally go nearly this far with my sketches/planning, but I was either feeling fancy last night or desperately putting off color. I will almost promise you I'll like the lighting on these better than the finish

I don't draw very much fan art anymore but I refuse to miss 9/9

Just remembered this project from a couple months ago. Probably never gonna really do anything with it, but people seem to like my impromptu rock story?

I don't paint very often but when I do of course it's my mushroom zombie girl

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