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Heyy here's an post. I wanna meet new people and follow some good blogs in this account, so don't be shy you guys!!

I'm a . I've directed some short films and I love and .

I love crafting things, reading and being excited about stuff. I lvoe poetry and fiction and plants! Currently I'm planing leaving the big city life to try living in a farm.

And here's a self portrait. Bye.

Oh to be a goth teen with a found family made of ghosts, dad, stepmom and garbage demon guy🦇

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Steampunk without commentary on the exploitative machinations of imperialism is not steampunk.

Cyberpunk without commentary on capitalism's efforts to buy the world out from under us is not cyberpunk.

Solarpunk without commentary on how to grow a brighter future for everyone instead of submitting to gloom is not solarpunk.

These three make a trifecta of how capitalism took over, what can happen if it continues, and how to prevent it from doing so. What was, is, and still could be.

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would once again like to assure my unruly followers that my posting about kicking your asses is not a bit. i am, in fact, confident in my ability to beat just about every one of you in a fight if needed

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"The desert seems vast, even endless, and yet, scientists tell us that somewhere, even now, there is snow."

My take on Cecil and Carlos

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Counter-culture is radical kindness.

Where do you want to start today?

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From birdsite 

RT @esasi8794

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My coffee painted Gnoll from my D&D Monster Inktober a few months ago!

Guys, I love gnolls so much. They’re one of my fave D&D Monstrous Humanoids and they’re just *clenches fist* so good.

The original is currently available on Etsy (trying to list and sell a bunch of stuff before their shitty ad stuff goes through next month.)


"you know, sometimes I think that I will never ever want to date someone again."

"like, IDK, I don't want anyone closer, getting to know me... when I was young, I would hate everyone that had a crush on me"

"well, that's all. I guess I'm going now..."

I guess...

Story Rec: The Northern Caves
(by nostalgebraist)

summary:An online message board devoted to a cult fantasy author wrestles with his baffling final book.

Read this in one sitting! Chilling, thrilling with a wonderfully done meta (srsly, reality feels surreal)
Very much a treat to online fandom folks and creepy pasta fans. Reminded me of Candle Cove (which is nice! it's one of my fav tiny internet horror stories)

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

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