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Incidentally this is basically what the 'pencils' looked like for the whole of my webcomic, only I did it at a smaller size and with rougher art. My process for it was NOT EFFICIENT 😅

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Hoping this posts in the right order, and apologies for the state of the descriptive text because I'm not used to writing it for whole comic pages!

As previously stated, CW for tooth related body horror and a bit of blood!

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I wanted to experiment with some purely traditional comicking, so have a minicomic! There's only four pages of it so I'm sticking the cover in its own toot.

Comic CW for (relatively light?) tooth-related body horror and a bit of blood.

Me: I'm going to Treat Myself by starting a new sketchbook because I don't feel like drawing in any of my other ones right now

Me two minutes later: ... I don't know what I want to draw in this new sketchbook

This is my millionth time redrafting this because posting video links is hard for my brain, apparently.

Here's a quick flipthrough of my roughs sketchbook. Took about a year to fill it up and there's a lot of samey stuff and nonsense because sometimes I just need my hand to be moving :P cw for some light nudity and gore!

Had a sudden craving for acrylic paint and bright colours! I have no idea where all of my blank canvases have ended up since I moved house - I have a couple of canvas boards and then everything else is A Mystery. Not 100% happy with how this came out, mostly due to the paint I used lacking the opacity I needed, but it was a good warm-up!

🌿 Valor 🌿

Finally found my way into making a more detailed painting again! It's been so long.
A lady knight, inspired by Serbian cultural clothing and mythology. Her adventure is about to start.

I hope you like her!

Wacom Intuos 4 M + Photoshop

Hey Mastodon, been a minute, I drew this extremely modern and relevant fanart while I was gone

Animal Crossing is about the only non city-builder type game that my dad will play so it's always interesting seeing how he does so. I just had to prompt him to advance the conversation during selling stuff to the Nooklings because they'd asked for a moment to get their numbers in line and he was waiting for them to do so 😄

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