@comicsbyemily Thank you! I was really pleased with how they looked :)

Hey there, I'm Jess!

I'm mainly a traditional artist who dabbles in digital art. I love watercolour and coloured pencils but I'll use pretty much any art supply because new things are fun.

I also dabble in comic art and hope to get back to it properly someday!

While not arting I mostly play video games. You'll see a lot of ESO fanart here because it's my main MMO!

I think it's time for a new pinned toot, I hadn't realised how old the art in my current one is!

Woke up early so I could play Greymoor and the servers went down again just as I did so 😔

Occasionally out of nowhere I am hit with the realisation that I miss Wildstar

I thought it was time to attempt something that was Not A Bust :P while I really like drawing these pieces digitally I still find them incredibly intimidating to colour, hence this one mostly being greyscale. Considering printing out the lines so I can transfer them to watercolour paper instead!

Some digital sketchy things. I have been having fun... and only just discovered where the blending layer modes are in Procreate :P

Painting practice from reference w/ Ulysses (@sempervirart 's character)!
I barely ever paint but I'd like to get better at it since I rely a lot on my lines and lack an understanding of volumes, so this was a fun experiment! :)

Based on this pic by Nazif Topçuoğlu >> splendido-fagottini.tumblr.com

Another one using an old sketch I was never able to do justice to. I really liked the palette of this one as well, so it was a good chance to play around with custom Procreate palettes :D

Finally managed to turn a sketch I really liked into something with the same vibes as the original!

Finally bit the bullet and replaced my old SP3 with a new iPad because it was starting to be unusable - really impressed with the iPad so far though, the difference in drawing experience is night and day! Here’s a quick testy Procreate doodle in which I overuse textured brushes :P

Decided to sell this though I'm not sure anyone would be interested
Watercolor, A5 size. 370€ + shipping, dm me if you want it

Boosts very much appreciated!

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