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tatterberry @tatterberry

I made myself a thumbnail page and said 'I'll just fill these in gradually, over time'. Then I filled them all in on one day. :P I'm busy saving up things to test out new art supplies on...

@tatterberry aa these are really pretty :> also, good idea??? i should also maybe do sth like this...

@thecojsz Thank you!! I really like doing thumbnail pages like this, it's really satisfying to just bang out a bunch of ideas :D

@tatterberry yeah! and i imagine it'd also be useful to have sth like this when The Mood* comes

*the mood of i wanna draaaaw but whaaaaat uuuuuhhjhh

@thecojsz yesss very much so. The Dreaded Mood... I know it well :P

@tatterberry oh i love this idea, these are awesome c: