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PHWOO! Today the epilogue to my webcomic went up! The complete story is now there and FINISHED, 205-ish pages of wholesome WLW slice-of-life-y low key superhero goodness, free for you to read!

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Now that I'm a bit more settled time for !

Hi there! I'm Jess.

- I pretty much seem to collect art supplies at this point, but my first love is watercolour
- my current main project is a webcomic ( which was meant to be a month long test and has so far taken the whole of this year and is STILL NOT DONE
- most of the rest of my free time is spent playing videogames, especially MMOs (GW2, Wildstar, ESO, SWL) and nintendo stuff

Androgyny of different fantasy races:

Elf: everyone’s pretty, but has no ass.

Dwarf: everyone’s hairy, but has no ass.

Orc: everyone’s SHREDDED and can crack walnuts between their cheeks.

Tiefling androgyny: Aesthetic™ is the new gender.

Aasimar androgyny: everyone is pretty, but if you ever pull their trousers down your eyes get scorched out by divine light.

Goblin androgyny: you’re small and horrible and you're pretty certain that ‘gender’ was a kind of beetle you ate last week.

Does the mug of tea
Cooling, forgotten, forlorn
Resent its drinker, who drinketh not?

Or does it rejoice in extension
Minutes, hours added to existance?
Or days, weeks, mouldy months

Is its purpose to be
Or to be drunk?

I breathe the aroma
Feel the warmth
And drink

Thank you
#TootPome #SmallPoems

Really excited about the upcoming ESO chapter so here's my nord looking suitably Skyrimmy!

My current sketchbook isn't great for painting but it -is- really good with fineliners, so it's nice to do some traditional lines with digital colours for a change.

I keep having recurring dreams about this weird little seaside town and I.. kinda love it, give me more

Moved a bunch of my old pictures into folders so I can start afresh, and discovered the lines for this one sitting around so I decided to finish it. Watercolour, gouache and colour pencil.

(it's fine, there are fifty more ideas to replace it because that's the kind of person I am, apparently)

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My realisation last night was that I have absolutely no idea what the original 'main project' was any more lmao. I have a suspicion that it was one of my story ideas where I vascillate between wanting to do it as prose or comic, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it is GONE from my head entirely

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So, I've been thinking about starting a new comic project this year, and in my thinking about it I realised just how distracted I get by side projects. IGMBDH was a side project squared, in that I had what I thought of as a 'main' project, then another comic that I was working on until I felt more confident, and then IGMBDH appeared as a side project on THAT project because I got too precious with that one too... the LAYERS

Playing with cotton watercolour paper again! I've mostly been working in sketchbooks with cartridge paper recently so proper watercolour paper is a real treat to use :D

Turned out there was enough life left in the ribbon to test it, at least - after sorting out a sticky 'S' key and cleaning up a few other bits and pieces it seems to be working fine! My transformation into coffee shop hipster trash is nearly complete 💪

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