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Hey there, I'm Jess!

I'm mainly a traditional artist who dabbles in digital art. I love watercolour and coloured pencils but I'll use pretty much any art supply because new things are fun.

I also dabble in comic art and hope to get back to it properly someday!

While not arting I mostly play video games. You'll see a lot of ESO fanart here because it's my main MMO!

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PHWOO! Today the epilogue to my webcomic went up! The complete story is now there and FINISHED, 205-ish pages of wholesome WLW slice-of-life-y low key superhero goodness, free for you to read!

It's a secret I keep tucked inside my chest

With this heart of mine that's guilty not remorseful

There is love that doesn't have a place to rest

But it would have buried you if it had settled on your shoulder

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee. Blue ink on heavy paper.

ancient grudges 

I later found an article about the psychological benefits of gaze aversion and stuck it in the front of my school planner because even then I understood the importance of citing my sources, but it never happened again after that and I would've been too nervous to argue my case anyway. I shall continue to occasionally remember it and seethe quietly instead

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ancient grudges 

occasionally I still think about the fact that the only two times I was ever reprimanded by my HS headteacher, both were for the grievous crime of Not Looking At Him While He Was Talking (once during an ASSEMBLY just for the extra joy of the feeling of the entire building turning to look at me because I just LOVE that)

Some gouache sketchbook stuff! I was feeling like something looser and more sketchy

A couple of doodles on top of watercolour blobs! I need to do more of this type of thing, it's always very relaxing

Spot the peacock butterfly (seen today at a garden centre which made me very happy, I am a simple being)

Hm, no sign of the rumoured Mass Effect trilogy remaster in today's mini nintendo direct...

Every single grumpy venty art journal page I ever do could later be amended with 'turns out it was PMS'

Paradoxically this little fellow was much harder work my last, considerably larger project :,D he has a tail. Teddy bear tails are very important to me.

I've been learning to crochet lately and I finally finished the little bag I'd been making to keep my yarn in :)

Finally got around to buying and playing Kitty Horrorshow's ANATOMY for myself and it remains fantastic. It's essentially interactive horror poetry and I have been unable to stop thinking about it ever since I first watched someone play through it

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