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Now that I'm a bit more settled time for !

Hi there! I'm Jess.

- I pretty much seem to collect art supplies at this point, but my first love is watercolour
- my current main project is a webcomic (igmbdh.thewebcomic.com) which was meant to be a month long test and has so far taken the whole of this year and is STILL NOT DONE
- most of the rest of my free time is spent playing videogames, especially MMOs (GW2, Wildstar, ESO, SWL) and nintendo stuff

mastodon.art/media/13L6mBrLwe_ mastodon.art/media/7JmkXXI1LmN mastodon.art/media/f90XdbnY9SH mastodon.art/media/hoQ-4XabvY8

Doing slightly better at remembering I have a pillowfort.io account to post on recently ๐Ÿ‘

Jellyfish girl while trying out my new Daler Rowney Aquafine tubes :) and some masking fluid too, which I haven't used in forever...


Whenever I'm colour adjusting a scan I turn the saturation all the way up just to see what it looks like and every time I'm tempted to keep it like that

I sure did need them tissues ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

Finally getting around to listening to the finale of the Balance arc of TAZ and this is the only podcast I need a supply of tissues on hand to listen to ;.; so good!!

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Speaking of ...

I'm rereading the watch series at the moment and
wow I love these books so much??

Here's a discworld doodle page with stuff from my sketchbook

Today I discovered that the newsagent/stationery/toyshop near me is closing down. Which is sad! But it meant I got to grab a giant watercolour pad for dirt cheap in the closing down sale, woo! It's the same type as I had when I was just starting out with watercolours and mostly did WoW art, so I decided it was time for a throwback in the form of my draenei shaman, Tenkha :D


I discovered recently that the paper in one of my homemade sketchbooks is really nice for using waterbased pens on so I've been playing around with those a whole bunch the last few days! This has a bit of alcohol marker thrown in there too.


While putting my budgie to bed we completed our usual script -
Me: Goodnight birdy-bird!
Apollo the budgie: Birdy-bird!
... and then I made the realisation that what I have as a pet is basically a pokemon in the style of the anime where their 'call' is just their own name :P

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Fanart of a friendโ€™s character post reveal in her webcomic. #fanart #mastoart #creativetoots

@tatterberry of course now I've been playing P5 instead of working on more pages but shhh

I bribed myself to finish my pages by buying Persona 5 (it worked)

CW for nudity! New character turned up in my brain and now I need to learn to draw sphinxes :| I'm still really liking my new watercolour paper, it's really great to use with polychromos pencils too!


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Gotta do a couple fixes and touch ups, but I'm calling this basically done. Worked in primaries for once. Don't know if I'll repeat that haha.

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one last thing for goblin week! didn't do one for every day but eyyyy when do i ever do that for these art challenges

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The seventh and last day of #goblinweek - it's time for the caravan to move on! pack up yer potions and put your backpacks on, goblins, it's time to go!

#characterdesign #mastoart #creativetoots #goblin

Last goblin for ! Tetch wants to be a great hero, and even though they've only just embarked on their first adventure, I believe in them!!


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I've got an ongoing paper doll assignment for one of my classes, and I'm super excited to dress all of these lesbians in extremely powerful gay fashions