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PHWOO! Today the epilogue to my webcomic went up! The complete story is now there and FINISHED, 205-ish pages of wholesome WLW slice-of-life-y low key superhero goodness, free for you to read!

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Now that I'm a bit more settled time for !

Hi there! I'm Jess.

- I pretty much seem to collect art supplies at this point, but my first love is watercolour
- my current main project is a webcomic ( which was meant to be a month long test and has so far taken the whole of this year and is STILL NOT DONE
- most of the rest of my free time is spent playing videogames, especially MMOs (GW2, Wildstar, ESO, SWL) and nintendo stuff

Mario coming out of his pipe to shame mankind

I always love seeing all the excitement when there's a new influx of folks joining masto 😄 Welcome aboard, anyone who's just joined, and I hope you like it here!

I spent entirely too many hours trying to learn animation just to get this horrible idea out of my head.

It's Crowley as the Kit-Cat Klock.

You're welcome.

One thing I absolutely love doing is Color Pallet Challenges. There's something soothing about a limited pallet and creating something from it. ❤

Decided to post some oldies here! I'll post more recent stuff later!

Some more watercolour bits and pieces, including something which is very tenuously a draken because I still miss Wildstar, darn it.

Looking through my scanned art folder reminded me that I still have a bunch of stuff I've forgotten to post, so I'm going to do a bit of catching up!

These two are from a couple of sketchbooks I bound myself with very cheap watercolour paper with a very soft, absorbent kind of surface - it feels very different to paint on and I really like playing around with it!

Tried out some watercolors with gouache, looks neat. Also love the heck out of gold Acryl paint.

I’ve had this picture in my wip folder for over half a year I think, but I finally managed to finish this after all this time. Anyhow, hopefully you like!

Fire Emblem, fan transphobia 

Found this cute doodle which I don't *think* I've posted. There's a specific quality that fountain pen linework has which I really like.

I have a whole build-up of art that I need to get around to posting!

Long time no see! I’ve been busy with comic work, as usual, and am FINALLY winding down for a month or two. Start of that is blockin in a little de-stress digital painting that I can chip away at this week.

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