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Now that I'm a bit more settled time for !

Hi there! I'm Jess.

- I pretty much seem to collect art supplies at this point, but my first love is watercolour
- my current main project is a webcomic (igmbdh.thewebcomic.com) which was meant to be a month long test and has so far taken the whole of this year and is STILL NOT DONE
- most of the rest of my free time is spent playing videogames, especially MMOs (GW2, Wildstar, ESO, SWL) and nintendo stuff

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There was a young man
From Toulouse who got lim'ricks
And haiku confused

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Cat in my in tray. I think it wants attention.

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Finished thumbnailing IGMBDH entirely 😱 Might be some tweaks later but still... the end is in sight! (sort of)

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...and once again, I got carried away. Was just going to just do a simple, basic figure, then just the rough lineart, then had to add a wee bit of shading, then more, then some highlights and dangit... now my hand hurts and my thumb is twitching strangely, but she's done. ish. Enough for now. I'm stopping. Gah. 😐

So: here's "music", with a lil bit of smushed over the top of the . Thoughts?

Testing a little section of Langton 100% cotton paper - I got a bunch of it for half the usual price. It is *so good* for wet-in-wet stuff. I loove iiiit. Little mermaid since it's !

Here's some pictures done with £2 kiddy paint on cheap paper! It actually works quite well on this paper because it's very absorbent (it's a little like painting on very thick toilet paper, lol) but everything turns out very pastel. Still, fun to play with!

Today had mostly been full of procrastination, but I did finish filling a sketchbook, finished binding a sketchbook, and tested some new cotton watercolour paper I got on clearance. So overall okay, I think!

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An old Celtic forest near where I live
🔎 Pont Rous/Pont Roux , Côtes d'Armor, Brittany

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Travelled a bunch over the last week but home now! Saw some lovely sights while out and about 😍

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(sry, let's try this again..)

want to read a 10-page, full-colour fantasy comic about a snarky thief and an exasperated librarian? read chapter 1 of my comic! i'm super excited about it! it's up on gumroad for free! > gumroad.com/l/dsw1

#creativetoots #comics #queercomics

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Had a lot more luck at working on comic stuff today! Clearly my weekend away served as useful inspiration >8D

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I went on a bluebell walk with my dad yesterday and took some photos :)

Some landscape practice! I rarely ever do plein air painting but I got a bee in my bonnet about it this weekend when I went to the coast. I had a great time doing these, it was an interesting change - though it was so hot that I had trouble laying down a smooth wash, because the water was just evaporating! (I also got an unfortunate capris pant suntan, lol.)

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Hey people of Mastodon!

I have just (finally) finished the second draft of my novel, and the daunting task of self-publishing it is looming ever closer.

I've never done it before. If anybody has any advice, or anything they wish they'd known before they did it, I'd love to hear it.

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Mexican architect Javier Senosiain specialises in sustainable "organic architecture" and it's pretty cool. #solarpunk

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