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PHWOO! Today the epilogue to my webcomic went up! The complete story is now there and FINISHED, 205-ish pages of wholesome WLW slice-of-life-y low key superhero goodness, free for you to read!

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Now that I'm a bit more settled time for !

Hi there! I'm Jess.

- I pretty much seem to collect art supplies at this point, but my first love is watercolour
- my current main project is a webcomic ( which was meant to be a month long test and has so far taken the whole of this year and is STILL NOT DONE
- most of the rest of my free time is spent playing videogames, especially MMOs (GW2, Wildstar, ESO, SWL) and nintendo stuff

Today's upload features some art of my ESO characters! I used to make copious amounts of fanart for whatever was my main MMO at the time - it was always good having such easy inspiration on hand for when I just felt like drawing. It's good to get back to it!

Quand rester assise sur ton caillou c'est devenu chiant et que t'as préféré aller piquer une tête (mais que t'es pudique, quand même)

#mastoart #art

Few more miscellaneous pictures! The one of the red-haired woman was done on Winsor Newton watercolour paper I hadn't tried before and WOW it was actually really amazing for cellulose paper?? Definitely my new favourite non-cotton watercolour paper.

I completely fell off the 'scanning my art and actually posting it somewhere' wagon so I'm trying to get around to it now! These were experimenting with the Mijello watercolours I got for Christmas (and trying to draw something with backgrounds!)

This article seems awfully appropriate given the conversation @SallyStrange , @garfiald and others got involved with the other day. I remember Elevatorgate pretty well, and the ongoing anti-feminist nonsense from people like Dawkins. That they were forerunners to today's "fuck your feelings" Rationalists is hardly a shock.

I love it when I find myself searching a query that appears to be too weird even for the internet to know what to do with. Today's example: "why are pritt sticks sweet?", which should give you some idea of how my nearly 3am is going. (Incidentally: searches did turn up a guy who did a taste test of various glue sticks, but no answer to my question.)

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Emotionally vulnerable on main, gross

This is my One (1) Obligatory Personal Art Piece, because it's a conversation I have with myself, like... weekly, lmao

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I was looking for paper on ebay and.. I-I am tempted to buy this purely because of the Best Thumbnail Ever

👺📢attention one and all!📢👺​
we stand again upon the very precipice of GOBLIN WEEK 2019, the most currently annual edition of the ongoing festivity of boggart-drawing anarchy. From the 20th to the 27th of January drawing enthusiasts of all confidence levels can get messy, be playful, decide what a goblin is & subject the world to your chaotic vision as daily & as free from stress as you can.

be sure to tag your works #goblinweek #goblinweek2019 to join the goblin parade!

A few months ago I made ink out of the hulls of the black walnut trees out back- had been meaning to try it for years! A few monster blobs with a Brause 66ef nib (which felt really, really nice to use)

A small low quality GW2 choya doodle, got nowhere else to put it but I think it's cute

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