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Hey there, I'm Jess!

I'm mainly a traditional artist who dabbles in digital art. I love watercolour and coloured pencils but I'll use pretty much any art supply because new things are fun.

I also dabble in comic art and hope to get back to it properly someday!

While not arting I mostly play video games. You'll see a lot of ESO fanart here because it's my main MMO!

Picked up a little limited palette of cheap-ish gouache from Scrawlrbox and played around painting Sad Boys with it

crawls from the abyss to place this lil centaur here. We started a new campaign today with the crew and I made a horserer (horse sorcerer). her name is Sophie (:

Breaking out the acrylics to paint a sketchbook cover! There's a really pretty 'sketchbook' I've been mooning over for ages with a Klimt artwork cover but I know the paper isn't really suited to my purposes. So I decided to have a go at making my own Klimt-inspired one instead. As ever, gold paint really doesn't scan well but be assured: it is VERY shiny.

I've finally finished this piece! It's my first and favourite daemon hunter, whom I have a super hard time drawing but I really like how he turned out here 😄 ✨ |

Who wants some eye candy from me playing with masking fluid? Unfortunately I discovered that the textured paper does NOT work with it and it got all ripped up but that was the point of the exercise so it's fine 😅

"So you are the last dragon?" the knight asked.
"There is a last of everything."
"But was there no mate, or-"
"Mate?" The dragon laughed. "You think we mate? No. Dragons are born from cats."
"If a cat is ambitious enough, and works very hard, it is reborn a dragon."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

This paper is definitely something of an adventure to use but I also sort of like how it makes me work.

From what I can see the Jacksons paper is going to settle down to be SLIGHTLY less wayward looking due to the way I flatten my sketchbooks while working in them. I started using the middle size of these and quite heavily saturate the paper with water on the base later before flattening it under some books to dry - the first page is a lot flatter as a result. It's VERY textured and quite challenging compared to what I'm used to but I'm enjoying playing around with it!

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Here's the other thing I've been up to lately - bound a few sketchbooks, the two larger ones filled with Jackons Eco watercolour paper and the smaller with Arches. The cover of the largest one is repurposed from an old A4 spiralbound notebook, middle one covered with old wrapping paper and the smallest is a Paperblanks notebook I'd already filled so I replaced the textblock. All very recycley!

Couple more watercolour bits and pieces! I always end up playing with the saturation while colour correcting my scans and I am always so tempted to leave things even more super bright and colourful than they usually are :P

Quick redraw type thing apropos of nothing, mainly because I stumbled across the old version and wanted to have another play around with doing fabric patterns in a similar way. Original is from 2018!

A piece of mine from a yearish ago. I recently reworked some details.

When you look back at the stuff you have done and see something you want to change, do you do it or let it go?

I have a hard time resisting the urge and it does make me feel a bit guilty since I already work pretty slow and it slows down the stuff I am currently working on even more.

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