Are there any artists here that use Linux to do all their artwork in?

I know this is a tech related question but I'm just curious. Does anyone havevexperience on this?

@tOPenArt do you know @davidrevoy ? He only uses free software to make his drawings :)

@tOPenArt I think @ChrisTalleras is a linux only artist. Also @davidrevoy is using linux only (I believe he uses linux mint as an OS)

@tOPenArt I also want to switch to linux one day, and want to use open source only for everything.
As you can see on the other replies, it is possible to use linux and be a creative person. There are also linux distros that are easy to install if that is your main consern :)

@julloyart I'm trying out Linux Mint on an old acer notebook. It gets hot but I can draw on it somewhat.

I'm considering trying to do professional work on another older laptop with better specs to see how it goes. I depend on Windows for Adobe software and gaming but I'm fed up with their auto updates breaking my system.

@tOPenArt I feel the same with the autoupdates. I'm stuck on windows because of university, or rather, I was. Now it's mostly because of gaming and being a bit lazy to change my 4 year old laptop to linux
I haven't tried it yet, but apparently you are able to still play windows games with playonlinux. I haven't tried that out yet, still need a linux computer for that


I'm a heavy Krita user as well and I'm planning on using blender instead of 3DS Max. SO these two cover me for professional work. :)

The issue is Adobe software since I use their software heavily. (After Effects, Photoshop, etc.) I'm not sure if they work in linux. WINE has been hit and miss for mebut to be fair I'm using linux on an outdated netbook with an old atom processor and 1 gb of ram as my first linux experience. Maybe that's it.


I paint in my free-time on Gimp, plenty of software. Run an instance of Manjaro or Mint in a VM or live CD and take a look at the software center.

@tOPenArt I’ve used Linux programs for art assets in games!

@tOPenArt I do; I don't draw frequently, but I switched to Linux (with Krita) as my primary art platform after having gotten frustrated with the official Wacom drivers on Windows completely failing every 5 minutes


-Windows 8.1 crashes on me sometimes when the battery is slow or when I connect my wacom tablet.

-Windows 10 likes to update every 5 seconds. It's annoying.

-Linux Mint only stopped working properly because I tried to mess with the kernal. Which is a stupid thing to do. But that's it. After I reverted to an older version with some help the computer worked fine. I never had to deal with OS and driver issues ever again. Not unless it was a hardware issue, which is different.

@tOPenArt Aside from video editing, my pipeline for art creation is 100% Linux-based.

For pixel art, I use Aseprite.
For painting, I use Krita.

Both of these programs have great support for drawing tablets, meaning that I can just use my pen to draw the entire time. Practicing with them has allowed me to develop an entire technique of my own.

@tOPenArt @Pisodeuorrior does all his stuff on Linux using #Krita, and he makes a living with it.

@tOPenArt @cagatayy :)
I am am artist who uses linux (ubuntustudio). I work with photography codeart and occasionally animation on top of traditional materials.

some people on tag and tag also uses linux. You can find also several musicians under

outside mastodon (tagging @patdavid ) is a great site on photography with open source software stack.

@tOPenArt For people who make their living while being artists on Linux, I'd suggest checking out @davidrevoy , @sylvia_ritter and @raghukamath .

There's a bunch more, but those are the ones that are on the fediverse at the least.

@Wolthera thanks for mentioning. @tOPenArt I use only Linux and free software tools to make my art and living from it. If you have any doubts for making the switch, please feel free to ask. I'll try my best to answer them.


Are you talking about visual art? (In which case, no.) However, i do all my writing (prose poetry & poetic prose) with laTeX in emacs on Linux.

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