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Oh wait, you CAN delete your account.

Well, I deleted Tumblr already, so I guess it's unnecessary to do that...? 😅

I was considering either deleting my mastodon or tumblr account but I couldn't find out how to delete mastodon. So Tumblr got the axe instead.

Also, I noticed Mastodon is kind of like Tumblr. Just with the NSFW option still intact, though. I guess Tumblr was just not worth it, then.

Social media rambling 

I've been messing with pencil 2D too. It's buggy but it works as an alternative to flash where I make my roughs. I can use Pencil 2D for animation roughs and Krita for cleanup. I do this a lot with adobe products.

Now if I can find a third open source program for compositing like after effects. Perferably lightweight. Supposedly Blender can do that but I'm not as familiar with it.

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If you're going to try out Mastodon do a bit of research on which instance to choose. It's like picking which neighbourhood you want to live in.

I can't install opentoonz on my windows tablet. My tablet isn't 64 bit and whenever I install the 32 bit version, windows cancels the download and states it's malware.

I assume that's a false positive from my antivirus but I'll just install the 32 bit version on linux mint instead. Less of a hassle this way.

On windows 32 bit I'll only stick to Krita and hopefully pencil 2D. Krita covers my needs for painting but I haven't used it for animation as much yet. I'm pleased with results so far.

If Opentoonz works on linux I might be really happy. 😊

So I'm going to do an experiment and try to do professional quality art, 3D, video editing and animations on linux. I'll try to install adobe apps through wine too. Wish me luck!

I'm going to install linux mint since that's what I'm used to. But if there are other distros that are better for art creation I would like to know about it. Software mentions work too. I'm a heavy Krita user.

Are there any artists here that use Linux to do all their artwork in?

I know this is a tech related question but I'm just curious. Does anyone havevexperience on this?

Is it me or have I been seeing more new people here? 😊

This is probably why I wouldn't want to get a job like this. I would probably be bad at it. I'm bad at arguing and have too much stress. XD

Aaaaaand done.

It's annoying but you have to be very patient with these people. They probably don't like their job very much because it seems stressful to talk to custumers that are upset. And then you have to push services and offers to customers when in that job. ¤_¤

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They're trying to get me to sign up for McAffee.



Still pushing...

No, I don't want phone either. ¬_______¬

Now they're trying to push me a stupid contract deal because it's "cheaper".

cancelling my cable bill...

this is painfull. -_____-

Aaaaaaand it's gone.

Deleted my Amino.

I thought about leaving it there for later use but that never happened. I never really used it. It's not healthy to pay attention to a lot of social media platforms either.

So I'll just keep putting my animal crossing art either here or on Tumblr...I guess. Maybe just here or pixiv. idk.

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