good afternoon, here's another tune, called handle with care. I think I will not mix as loud in the future though, feels bad for my ears.

Hey there,
another part of the divine comedy thing is up. I give you dearly bought:

Getting heavier, which I'm quite proud of.

good evening,
Since I started the Polyhedra series I thought at some point I will be recording my own voice. Here is the attempt:

let me know your thoughts.

shamanic mask in progress. Birch. I'm thinking feathers. The inside looks creepy, I will continue in this direction.

"Don't Go Gentle: A Film About IDLES (2021)

one of my favorite bands back from Bristol has made it big time.
If you're missing some brutal honesty and musical nonconformity, do check these lads out, you won't be disappointed.

hey there, it was raining so I had a chance to get another biome going. this time it's forest.

thanks for tuning in,

morning is an out of character posting time for me but this one feels like a morning jam, so morning people, here's the stepping stone:

Polyhedra is a reopened project from a year ago or so, that I felt could go further. It combines lofi aesthetics with recordings of interviews with some unique personalities.
Let me know what you think?

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Hey people, I'm on the lofi train, so here's I can tell you that.

There's more I recorded this week coming up, so brace.

the lounge. the plan here is to cover the half of the wall with a mural, leaving the yellowed, cracking surface under.
I'm thinking birds and plants.

One day project wonky bench thing. Comfortable despite the multiple levels of butt placement, sturdy as an old bench, although it's brand new.

Hello there, creatures of flesh and silica.
I'm still experimenting with the ambienty thingy, so here's another biome:

tundra from the point of view of a melting iceberg.

Hey there,
here is from root to every branch, a continuation of the divine comedy thing:

more will be rolling out as I go along, thanks for your time and enjoy.

Hey people,
been doing this thing, and although yes I do realise that "primordial" is not a biome as such, that's what it's called:

the sitar comes from the Raag Patdeep Harmonic Jor Jhala - Arjun Verma, a huge thank you for sharing these!

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Second coat of linseed oil's dried.
I will continue building it up. The difference between single coats is pretty noticeable.

tabletop saga continues

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