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Howdy, I'm Szkin!
18 y/o Bi artsy person and student from Poland, living in the UK. I enjoy worldbuilding, and a lot of my art recently is based on my personal projects. I love doing environments and characters in particular.

Also fond of vidyagames - RPGs especially. Some fandoms I'm involved in include Persona and Valkyria Chronicles.

Anyways, here's some of my art~

I've spent a million hours prepping this comic... and I finally started working.
Here's the first panel.

Some fanart of Ina from Hololive EN because her streams have been encouraging me to do art more.

i havent quite grasped how all of the auto actions from CSP assets work but chromatic aberrations r Nice

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This is called [Arka], one of my personal inventions. The page consists of single drawings and sketches that I later assembled in a digital painting software.

Musing around with Tsuki and his quarantine hair.

Here have some sketches.
Normal hair and his hair after quarantine. His hair just straightens out when

Who is he.
Where'd his fluff go.

Now I am trying to get back to basics and study more, as well as having a go at to break out of my perfectionism!

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Did I mention I like Gundam? I quite like Gundam.

This was the piece that broke me out of my block recently!

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Some art and designs for my WIP comic project (retrofuturistic post-apoc mecha space opera :'D) and also (2nd image) a request for an RP friend

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I started the sixfanarts trend on birdsite a few weeks ago, but after painting this Eleventh Doctor I kinda forgot about it :S

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Had a long period of art block at the start of this year, which I'm breaking out of now. Here's stuff from Jan - early March

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