Just wanted to thank for all the watches you guys : ) Stay awesome

I wanted to practice some serious hair. I feel like I still could have exaggerated it more hehe. I'm really growing to like drawing my arnuk girls ^^



Changed my avatar and recorder a progress video/storytime
# digital mastodon.art/media/pleEpiBHB6n

Spontaneously bought Sony A5000 at cex, woo! Better quality sketches incoming.

I kind of fell out of practice drawing these guys so I pushed myself back on track.


And it's done. I've been having issues with open source video editors so I might have to wait with editing the progress video till that's sorted.


WIP of a commission I'm doing for a friend. I haven't used my YT channel for a long time so I figured I'll start recording my work..whenever i remember.

-fi mastodon.art/media/Zeoc_MZVqFo

I had this little thing on the shelf for a few weeks. I wanted to play around more with weight and anatomy in motion. The prey creature is just a rando; they don't live in my world.

Easkulls belong to me

So I was sitting in the garden, spending some time in my head, and realized that I can’t recall ever seeing a more feral, harpy/sphinx like dragon girl. I picture this gal walking on all fours, or at least half the time. Could possibly get rid of breasts and convert the chest to more quadruped to push it further.

For now I’ll call it a serpent harpy. mastodon.art/media/EOM3wj8XzV1

If I knew earlier there was a server dedicated to art I would have started with that :p

So for starters I'm gonna post my recent redo of one of my characters, Odeius from my book world. mastodon.art/media/HEuroTkih88


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