Another drawing from , this seemed perfect to use for a speed painting!

Painted from start to finish in 32 minutes. That’s not too far off from my goal of 20-30 minutes, though I spent a little too much time drawing the trees! 😅

This is a recreation w/ just 4 colors. The building w/ the antenna and tall rectangular windows was the first one I drew. It was the reference for scale for all of the other buildings but I got frustrated because the scale of it was off. I almost wanted to give up because this affected the rest of the buildings. I didn’t want to give up though and decided to complete this despite my frustration so here it is after several hours!

A second post for episode 28 of Anathema to Commonsense! The last week of updates focused on refining the designs of the hotel room & halls, rendering bgs & blending them!

The hallway shows the 3D render stage. The hotel room shows the next step of blending the backgrounds. I also made a render of a phone booth that will be in the episode. One that makes calls across space and time periods!



My speed painting from

I timed myself when I drew this and put most of my focus on the colors on each petal to help distinguish them from each other if I didn’t include line art. This was about 85 mins from start to finish in one go. Painted in

A for episode 28 of Anathema to Commonsense. Designing rooms & furniture is fun, but figuring out where to place rooms & stairs was frustrating. I cleared that step & the rest of the 3D modeled backgrounds for this ep. should be smooth sailing! ⛵️

Modeled in

On Wordpress:

On Neocities:

The 1st 2 WIPs here are material previews in Blender. The staircase panel is after blending the render in Krita.

Another drawing from

A single tall building that in the original was surrounded by empty sky, but as a vaporwave style recreation!

This looked fun to draw and color, and I like the bold architecture, but the lineart took a lot longer than I hoped b/c I drew it too thick and needed to manually adjust it. 😩 It was still good practice with the line tool and watercoloring brushes!

I just posted my production notes for this episode!



More trial + error blending a rendered bg! Sometimes the automatic de-noiser in Blender works for me, other times it crashed at the end of the render & I couldn’t save it! 😩

Are the latest versions more stable when rendering with the de-noiser?

When I tried out layer modes to blend the layers I used, one of the modes gave me this result! 👀

Episode 27 of my Magical Renegades Anathema to Commonsense, has been published! This one starts w/ a recap of the space-time incident & trial from eps 8-19 & brings the story back to the new “present” of the new timeline! 20-26 covered events from 3 yrs prior.


This was also my 1st attempt to host on my site w/ just HTML (I'm trying to figure out JavaScript too), but I couldn’t get the images to be perfectly seamless. 😅

My first drawing from a curator prompt! Spent about 3 hrs on the sketch & line art, & about 1.5 hrs on the coloring. I tried for a pastel watercolor painted look, and despite how long I rightfully assumed the line art would take, I wanted to try this one b/c of the design!

This was a I started in but was stuck since I didn’t know how to continue it, but I found a way forward! I reposted part 1 of this WIP, added part 2 on my site and blog. The posts detail some of the steps & the trial and error I went through making this. This WIP added textures & fixed uneven parts! The style of these magical weapons is to balance sparkly with a bit of grittiness to them!

The end of ep. 27 through ep. 28 of Anathema to Commonsense will take place in a hotel & I started modeling the lobby for it. A hotel meant for people who got stranded in time. The interior is meant to have elements from a clock tower fused w/ aesthetics! The curtains could be kept as-is but I want to try the cloth simulator again if I can get better results w/it.

Switching techniques cost me some time, but writing about these processes is fun! I want to keep learning how to be more efficient, and making more polished results. One of my next WIPs in Blender will be a continuation of one I started last summer, but left unfinished since I was stuck on how to continue it. I found a way forward!

Show thread

There was some trial and error when I made the bgs for ep. 25. I rendered some w/ Freestyle in Blender but I still need to figure out the settings for it to render in a style that blends in more. Some bgs were rendered w/o it to test if manually tracing the lineart & painting over the shading was more effective to blend them. I did that for all of ep. 26. These 2 are from ep. 25: The stairs panel used Freestyle, but the curtains panel didn't b/c the generated lineart looked too messy.

Eps. 25 and 26 of Anathema to Commonsense took so long b/c I extensively used to create the interior bgs & blended them in using . This is a different technique than I showed before in Feb. These bgs combine Victorian & Memphis Design styles, which I tried to balance. I wrote several WIP posts about the process that also include bits of story lore:
These are some panels and WIPs:

The layout of my home page isn't responsive yet b/c I'll need to figure that out. I used absolute positioning to make sure it'd look the way I want. It's still on my to-do list I'm trying to clear out that I'll refine the layout to be responsive. I added my first article for it a few days ago about how I do digital watercoloring! 😀
Soon after I posted it, I learned there's a method to use AI that could speed up the base coloring! That could be a future topic to add!

Hi! It didn't take long for me to go on an unplanned hiatus after I signed up!😅 I got too busy just trying to update my works, juggle responsibilities & I often haven't been very well. Since my last messages here, I published 3 eps of my Anathema to Commonsense, 4 chapters of its spin-off Extra! Chronicles, & made several updates to my sites!

of episode 24 of Magical Renegades. Made in 1.0, but I just found out from Inkscape being a trending tag here there's an update! 👀

To anyone who has tried the new update, how is it?

of the newest Travel Logs chapter. This is part of a spin-off that runs w/ the idea of 90's Resort being an Old Web-style resort ran by a groundskeeper trying to keep it afloat.

The bg & props were modeled in to help w/ the perspective & lighting. Putting textures sinks more time into them when the 3D will be drawn over, but it helps practice modeling & texturing!

The action figure is of a joke character that is famous in-universe!

This is my first post in the Fediverse! 👋 I quickly threw together my header image, but I’ll soon be ready to post a WIP for an upcoming part of a story!


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