:DD i worked rlly hard on this.. i love these girls sm

I haven’t been able to draw in a hot minute because of arm pains so... I’m learning how to draw w my other hand !


i swear i didn't put these characters in the same outfit on purpose..

characters belong to @/varcahs and @boucle_dor on !

ok im not posting in any real order but these were my first two attacks!!

characters belong to @/lynngerbread and @/hippo-cowboy

i also put my lad on artfight cuz.. vibes. i'm team sugar and i think that's kinda tropical island of me!

its been so long since someone misheard my name as sokka.... feels unnatural

hi! i'm sako.. not sure where i want to post my art anymore so i'm giving mastodon another shot!

i'll probably post a mix of sketchbook and fanart. right now i've got avatar on the brain!

nice to meet u!

messing with style still... possibly a new icon with my dnd char !

finished a lineless piece for the first time in my got dang life

got too motion sick watching my friend play red dead 2 so I drew cowboy themed stuff instead

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