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Some digital sketchy things. I have been having fun... and only just discovered where the blending layer modes are in Procreate :P

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sorry if the quality's bad can't upload from desktop

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Hello Mastodon! Trying this out for the first time!

I'm Shelbzlblack. I'm a set designer by day and web comic artist by night.

You can read my passion project Until Observed on Webtoon CANVAS.

its been so long since someone misheard my name as sokka.... feels unnatural

YES i have that embarrassing amount of hours on animal crossing but its only cuz bc i zone out playing during my classes...

hi! i'm sako.. not sure where i want to post my art anymore so i'm giving mastodon another shot!

i'll probably post a mix of sketchbook and fanart. right now i've got avatar on the brain!

nice to meet u!

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messing with style still... possibly a new icon with my dnd char !

mp100 s2 

No dash granny til second ep :/

going to go see an anime premiere in a public theater is such a surreal concept but I’ll do anything for mp100

finished a lineless piece for the first time in my got dang life

sometimes when I’m feeling classy I’ll french tuck my shirt into my sweatpants

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got too motion sick watching my friend play red dead 2 so I drew cowboy themed stuff instead

loving miles morales hours are all times

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