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hi! i'm sako.. not sure where i want to post my art anymore so i'm giving mastodon another shot!

i'll probably post a mix of sketchbook and fanart. right now i've got avatar on the brain!

nice to meet u!

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there was a meme going around on twitter that was basically like "if you see this, draw what you're wearing right now". t-shirt + underwear has basically been my quarantine uniform

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i had to pay for an eye exam and glasses today so my budget will be tight for a while, help with spreading my commission info would be really, really appreciated! ;w; :heart_sp_nb:

its all on my carrd along with my ko-fi:


:DD i worked rlly hard on this.. i love these girls sm

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Hi y'all! So California is going through a series of big wildfires that we have dubbed as the LNC or Lighting Complex fires. Many people have evacuated (including me) due to these fires and donations are needed to help those who has no place no due to the fires. If you can donate, here's a news article with possible places you can:

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I haven’t been able to draw in a hot minute because of arm pains so... I’m learning how to draw w my other hand !


i haven’t drawn for non work purposes in so long but I found time to make a presentation on yugioh at 2 am so.. who’s rlly winning

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Finian and the Chort, soon coming to a dnd table near you. This whole story keeps getting edgier by the minute and I was very excited to draw bad!Finian. Tried out new paper as well!

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I did a fundraiser with commissions and all the money went to various organizations!

✊🏿 Together we raised $123 in donations!
💯 of commission money went to:

✊🏿 Unicorn Riot
✊🏾 Reclaim the Block
✊🏽 Black Visions Collective
👌🏾 UK Black Pride

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Artfight! Artfight! I participate in every year since 2017 (And have been on every single winning team!). It's very fun and I highly encourage anyone with characters and art skills to join in!

This character is named Vivian Linh, created by bethbythesea

My ArtFight Profile (Team Sugar):

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i swear i didn't put these characters in the same outfit on purpose..

characters belong to @/varcahs and @boucle_dor on !

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