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hey big friendly reminder that i love @unprince with all of my heart!!!

said i ws gonna post more but no ... i am still grinding away on maplestory2 ...

getting very busy as this school quarter comes to a close, but waves hello to all the new people ahh --
might make a new intro post + follow a bunch of people to refresh my feed when i reach winter break <: i have high hopes

late night for some essay revision ... but i feel like it isn't going anywhere :'D

(20180930) gonna post some not-recent things i still like over the next few days!
left is a commission and right is an arpg character of mine o/

i guess ideally i should just ... go for it haha

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i stopped using mastodon for a while because i got busy with school & was using all of my free time on maplestory2 and now i dunno how to ... start using it again oops

october's almost over in the blink of an eye 0 _0

i tried 3 times to toot properly and messed up a detail every time so hello mstdn i'd like to take a nap

ian ( made me a new icon Q _Q my big boy

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Inktober will be starting tomorrow so I want to say some words. This month will be a time for great inspiration, but for many, also a time of great frustration. Seeing a lot of people crank out a lot of great work can make you feel inadequate.

Everyone doesn't have the same opportunities and experience.
It's ok to prioritise other things in life.
It's ok to not have time some days.
It's ok to not have energy some days.
It's ok to not produce masterpieces every day.
Do what you can. Enjoy! 💖

i joined mastodon in the midst of doing inktober last year. it's weird to think about how it's already been a year!

i am technically 15 minutes off from morning in my timezone, but i'm barely awake atm so i'm just going to let it be

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Thank you @sxilin for showing me this cool arpg group!! I'm doing the starter quest and figuring out this gal's design along the way! I'm excited on doing the human design.

some gf s ..... hehe
alyenne (left) & luoying (right) ! luoying is a redraw of a design i did last month or so

also, in comparison to using brushes with pen pressure, using the binary tool with no pen pressure is so much easier on my hands! it's good for when i want to doodle casually!

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more stuff w my strudel anthe!! i'm trying out some different coloring methods + referencing photos for bgs and i gotta say, it's pretty fun haha

huh ... posting this on mastodon is kind of tough because of the horizontal image preview haha
don't really have a solution for this so have some detail crops!

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