My lines still feel way too different from my sketches, shshsjs Just gotta... Do more of them...

Had the worst insomnia I've had in a while, and I can feel the fever tickling around, so I'm calling out of work today. What to do when I can barely move, lmao.

I’m high off of Xenia S01 and /immediately/ tack to something adjacent, lmao.

Girlfriends. [applause]

/Knife/ girlfriends. [an uproar, a great cry]

You can now support me monthly on kofi!! :ko_fi:

(A good option if :patreon: isn’t your jam!) I’ve uploaded a couple exclusive posts to start, a monthly pledge includes: Early access to new projects, access to my discord server, and behind the scenes content!

:taps microphone: πŸ“’comicsπŸ“’

@Curator 1. All for itβ€”I'd love to see who'd be interested in joining if registrations are open for approval.
2. Agree with youβ€”I personally would want people to CW involved posts, but they exist on a spectrum and politics are part of people's lived experiences, so I get why mandating how people post about it feels weird.
3. ALSO a big fan of this oneβ€”I feel like this strikes a good balance between not having it on the public TL but also letting artists share more of their work.

There's this man that gets off at the same station I do in the morning, and we're about the same height with the same proportions and with the same single-mindedness about Briskly Leaving, so we'll end up exiting the train, platform, and station in perfect synchronization, lmao.

We are straight DRIFTING

@noelle I'm always referencing this when fielding questions for curious and new folks--thank you for writing it!

I've expanded my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon so that it does a better job of explaining what happens at each privacy level. Here's the new header:

Hour 15 of Ubuntu installation: the simplest successful terminal commands give me a mental high that takes me hours to come down off of. My ego is swelling at alarming rates.

Somehow, this whole foray into Linux has relit a fire in me about having a laptop, so I'm doing a bunch of reading on folks' favorite Thinkpads online right now, lmao.

It's only taken me three different test drives of Ubuntu, but I'm getting the hang of installing the codecs packages immediately after starting, lmao.

I'll probably install it properly in a little, but the whole partitioning thing is wigging me out.

Everything definitely feels snappier. I'm just trying it out from a live USB right now, but holy shit, I can't believe I managed that.

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