I'll probably never stop having some variant of this running through my head. Is it a confidence thing? Self-revulsion?

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The surprising popularity of this sketch makes me wanna say: please share your vulnerable, personal work (if that's what you want)! Looks like a lot of us would like to, and I bet just as many people want to see it.


For me, it's not that I assume people will hate personal works. It's that I assume people will treat them as vulnerable, and give me no useful feedback on them, so what's the point in sharing them? When I expose myself to be shaped, nobody shapes me.


There's also a trust factor which has hit really hard in some environments. People have to know the difference between shaping and mistreatment for the interaction to be meaningful and pleasant.

Hard shaping is bad. No shaping is bad. Soft shaping is what makes sharing personal works rewarding.

@Finfell I can see that, definitely. For me, I think I do get something even from just publishing something personal -- making it real, or acknowledging that I'm having this problem -- but it does feel weird to put things out there and occasionally have people completely misunderstand.

@fanfi Right?? I'm actually really surprised so many people feel the same way as me, zhzhzn Same hat, etc.

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