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Head's-up -- I intend to use this Mastodon account for everything: posting art, talking about my life, socializing, and so on.

If you're not here for that and just wanna see my art, you can just catch me on the timeline or in the MastoArt tag! Have a good day. 🌱

You encounter something in a parking lot one night.

I love that the E family of colors in the Copic line-up is just. Uncomfortable beige.

Goatman and Beast of Bray Road!
These will eventually be made into hand screen printed, sew-on patches by yours truly.

in the branches, in the soil πŸ‚

(characters from my Heartwood Anthology comic)

1. Apple, my destructive Doberman brawler lady
2. Fashionable snail boyfriend and his slug friends
3. All of my magical-football characters

Taking the bus the next few days because I scraped myself up in that bike accident yesterday. πŸ’¦

What if I spend Inktober FINALLY fleshing out my furry characters.

Bike update: it's all good! They even fixed my handlebar tape that got messed up in the accident for free. They're lovely people in that shop... I wanna bring them donuts or something.

HEH! Getting revved up for the Agents of the Realm Re-Launch! I've uploaded the newly lettered pages up on Ko-Fi for everyone and anyone who donates!

Timelapse of my redesign of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur, done in Procreate on an iPad Pro now available on my Patreon!

I just got a new bike this weekend and then had a crash on it this morning. 😩 The new brakes on it are so powerful, and I made the beginner's mistake of using only the front brakes abruptly while going downhill. UUUGGGH.

Nothing seemed bent or broken on the bike, but I'm having it looked over anyway because the idea of my ruining a good thing before it started really stresses me out.

Now for my own injuries, lmao

Will the Switch edition of Undertale still implement some sort of remembering mechanism regarding if you've played the Switch edition before? I wanna know if I have only one shot at replaying. πŸ˜‚

I'm a warm-weather gal through and through, but I'll take a spot of snow now and again. πŸ”οΈπŸŒ•

I've had a really scattered week, and today is still on that trend because my sleep is still bad, but I'm glad to be here. 🌱 Hope you're all having good days.

🎧 Trying to set up a test ride for a new bike🎧

🎧 Desperately unsure of how to negotiate🎧

I'm also gonna take this chance to finally, finally play through all of FFXII with Zodiac Age coming out.

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