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Head's-up -- I intend to use this Mastodon account for everything: posting art, talking about my life, socializing, and so on.

If you're not here for that and just wanna see my art, you can just catch me on the timeline or in the MastoArt tag! Have a good day. 🌱

Reminder: October 14th is #CakeForTransFriendsDay! Cisgender people honour us and celebrate us and acknowledge that the world is transphobic by giving their #trans friends cake, ideally homemade but store bought is fine!

Also hi, I’m trans (nonbinary) and queer!



I wonder if any instances have gone down because of the PG&E outage...

Me: My interiors are really shaky.
Me: >draws them with a really textured brush to mask what's going on

spoilers for Steven Universe (vaguely) 

Every time I see Fluorite in SU, I’m half-convinced I’m dreaming. What a fucking delight. Look at that polyam little caterpillar grandma go.

Belated, but: I'm so glad I backed the "Silver" Smut Peddler anthology. I can't fucking wait to get my hands on my copies. πŸ‘οΈ

🎊 WOOHOO!!! We hit a New Milestone Goal on !! Thank you so much for your support 🎊

From here on my next goals could completely change my life! My next two goals are about paying rent, bills AND groceries through :patreon: first off, and then that PLUS saving up and insurance & mental health help!

⸜(*Λ™κ’³Λ™* )⸝ it’s still a long way to go but it used to feel Imposible

Also, holy shit, the new image upload pop-up is fantastic?? Clear window for alt text! Live preview of selective view!!

Considering giving in to my Naruto future and getting an obnoxiously orange rain jacket. 🍊

If you've ever wanted emoji of your sona or something in particular for your Mastodon instance, Discord/Slack server or something else, I can make them!~

:shrug_g1: :hot_shit: :cat_smile_ms: :d20: :ferris_party: :game_boy: :weirder_earth: :open_inflatable_valve:

I saw Explosions in the Sky last night, ahhh!!

All of my video files are too big to upload, though, shsjjssjjs

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