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Head's-up -- I intend to use this Mastodon account for everything: posting art, talking about my life, socializing, and so on.

If you're not here for that and just wanna see my art, you can just catch me on the timeline or in the MastoArt tag! Have a good day. 🌱

The triple flange tips are messing with my right ear, though, so I'm gonna give it a few more days, sdoijsdf

If I have to buy the dual flanges... Well, I guess I will.

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MH hosptilaztion, racism, bad Card game 

Burn your CAH game.

They got a black man involuntarily commited to MH inpatient treatment after he spoke up against a n-word card.

You've heard of Femboy Hooters, now get ready for Fembug Hooters.


Costco had bhuja, so I'm going to town on it. How is it so good.

for those of you who've been seeing talk about Art Fight and have no idea what the hell it is: its an annual art trading game where participants are divided into teams and must attack using artwork from other participants, preferably from those from the other team

(also like not to favor one side but like... go team spice)

It's been one hour, but I'm an Etymotic convert, xbbxnx

At this rate, the state is absolutely going to have to contend with shutting everything down again, lmao

If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out!

Reference tabs: "sobbing", "sobbing fully body", "wisteria"

He's from the series Reigning Passions on Lovestruck, by the way!

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I'm not caught up, so if there's any plot-important details not here, well!

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I documented the :blobwizard: cross structure binding "linked" :blobwizard: #bookbinding method I used for #HWAcomic with a lot of WIP photo instructions

I learned this very recently so still lots of trial and error. You can definitely scale the project up/down for #zine, sketchbook, leather notebook, etc. The versatility of the binding approach allows you to play around to your preference, as long as you understand the logic behind it.

"Criterion has taken down paywalls on essential African American Cinema. You can now watch them FOR FREE. No excuses.


"My personal favorites would be: BLACK PANTHERS, LOSING GROUND, PORTRAIT OF JASON, DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, and DOWN IN THE DELTA -- also all by female filmmakers."

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