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I'm Shannon, and I'm a primarily digital artist who's getting into comics when I'm not at my day job! This is gonna be my art-only account; my socializing account's @swordjaw.

I'm excited to share stories with you -- good morning!

Brought to you by "Dumb Submarine" by Geggy Tah. The funny thing is that I'm sure a bunch of my friends feel the same way, ha ha.

(Re-posted to fix a mistake.)


Thanks for hanging around while I experiment! I think I'm gonna stick with social posts at @swordjaw and only post art here with limited discussion; feel free to send a follow request there if you're into that! 🌱

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There is this AMAZING smell wafting through the apartments right now... Who. Who is making this magic. Who.

Mmmmm, really want a ridiculous movie night. I'm sort of hankering for "Pitch Perfect" right now, honestly.

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I'm really itching to upload some art soon... The short comic is coming along, but I want it done /now/. 😭

We ended up purchasing a mattress and a few details at the store today! I hope we picked right for us.

Wait, Karen and Georgia voiced two characters from "Craig of the Creek"? Oh my gosh.

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Kylie and I are gonna look at mattresses today, and I'm already afraid. πŸ™ƒ

I'm sure Rebecca Sugar has notifications turned off for her IG account, but WOW, are every single one of her pictures' comment sections a hellscape of overlapping conversations, dfoijsdoij

I had so many things going on when I was playing Stardew Valley that I'm afraid to start it up again because I /know/ I don't remember what half of them were now. πŸ˜‚

Thanks to true crime podcasts, I now have an inordinate amount of fear that somebody is living in my apartment without me knowing. That's despite the fact that that's literally impossible because this place is small, lmao.

"Heavy and hard is the heart of the queen / Queen of iron, queen of steel / The heart of the queen loves everything / Like the hammer loves the nail" !!!

Consider: Steven pulling an "Epic III" from "Hadestown" sometime during SU's run.

I have muted...SO MANY art-posting bots.

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Also, I just found a YouTube channel where somebody meticulously films (usually extravagant) street food being prepared without any commentary, so that's what I'll be doing for the next month.