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Artwork as well as art-related conversations and thoughts are going to go on this account!

Everything else (including daily life talk) will be on my socializing account (@swordjaw).

Tangents in drawings are the REAL hell.

@swordjaw That having been said, my next thing to work on will be drawing heeled footwear, lmao

Really inspired by Steven and Rebecca Sugar's approach to projects -- purposefully completing projects about things they want to learn about, even if they don't know the first thing about it at the start.

Was thinking a lot about childhood places this week -- in particular, Michigan.

Wanna draw some fanart of the new episodes (once I've seen them) and then share links from here to my Twitter... The CW and sensitive-image posting settings let me feel comfortable putting spoiler-y things like that here! And I hope my friends and followers on Twitter click through and see these aspects of Mastodon's structure.

Can you measure out some moves to win a Dosage Badge?

Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to people for liking this recent series. It's been bopping around my head awhile, and I'm glad people see something in it!

@swordjaw Deadlock!

[Description: Two women circle each other mid-song while audience members look on in close quarters. The woman on the left (me) is playing a guitar, while the woman on the right is holding a mike between us. We're almost tangled, standing and posing around each other in each other's personal space: my arm passes under hers while she grips my guitar, and so on. We're both earnestly and jubilantly singing while we stare into each other's eyes.]

小心/xiaoxin: a series of drawings over the next few weeks based on every time I looked at somebody and thought, "maybe you"

(Descriptions in image captions -- alternatively, if length is an issue, links)

10,000 years of fanart, here I COME

I'm learning how to handle my drawing-related pain better, so I'm excited to make and share more art!!

@swordjaw ...this meme reads a lot more sinisterly when I fully punctuate.

LB: When Zárraga finishes writing Artadon, it's all over for you.

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#artodon is going soooo wild!
The Mastodon API is great @Gargron ! It's really easy to consume!

This is how @roh 's art is visualized in the viewer I'm working on.