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Head's-up -- I intend to use this Mastodon account for everything: posting art, talking about my life, socializing, and so on.

If you're not here for that and just wanna see my art, you can just catch me on the timeline or in the MastoArt tag! Have a good day. 🌱

This is also gonna kick my ass about finally getting a site up, LMAO

Coming across InspectorCaracal's webcomic php stuff today was very timely, in that regard.

With the prodding of some Discord friends, I scripted 1/3 of a comic project yesterday that I want to release in late fall/early winter!

It's one of those projects that I've begun and dropped a few times -- life happens -- but I believe in myself and this go of it.

If you've never had the chance to watch Moomin before, the original animated series is now available on YouTube! πŸ‘€ some countries are blocked, though. It feels so weird to hear this in English, who are they

I'm gonna finally look into a shorter backpack, I think. My bike-related back knots are only being exacerbated by this long-ass backpack slamming into the areas constantly.

I'm losing my mind a little because my cat has peed on our couch twice now. (Our friends came to visit Saturday and sat on our couch, and we forgot too late that their cat had had bladder issues and had peed on their clothes, so his scent probably got on the couch.)

We're on application two of some cat urine cleaner, but she's peed on the cleaner, too. πŸ˜‚ And it's taking such a long time to dry, since I had to really soak the cushion. MAN.

Submissions are open for

❀️ Going Steady❀️ a print-only comics anthology about stable, solid couples who are in it together β€” stories that show the romance of everyday, loving partnerships.

$50 page rate for black-and-white comics :toucan:

#comic #comics #makingComics

If I start thinking about it too hard, any architecture starts feeling like magic. What do you mean this structure I'm standing in isn't about to collapse on my head??

An airplane doodle from a recent trip that I really loved. πŸ‘οΈ

Also, most of the popular Mastodon apps have implemented this function, too, so no worries.

I'm figuring that folks have already found/figured out the delete-and-redraft function, but in case you haven't: you can literally remake a toot without needing to re-write/copy over/re-upload the content! It's in the post options menu next to "delete".

It can't carry over the notifications you had on the original post, but I think that makes sense since it's basically making a new post. Bottom line: making fix-it posts after you notice a mistake in your piece is that much easier! πŸ‘

The Steven Universe movie comes out a scant 72 hours after my wisdom teeth removal, so I HOPE I'm lucid by then, zhsjsjsns

Qixi Festival is in two days... I want to be in Taiwan when it happens just once.

Does anybody remember the title of that manga that's been going around recently about queer youth in Japan? It's got really amazing metaphoric imagery? I know the examples I saw were somebody coming out to their parents and them cutting through a wall, and somebody realizing they could be loved by somebody of the same gender and their chest breaking open.

Anyway, if this interests any of my followers: Sierra Trading Post ( finally has some factory seconds of Red Wing boots in "women's" sizing available, holy shit. I thought this day would never come.

I wanted to immediately follow my welcome toot with a soapbox-y one about the network effect, aosdfjoasdf REIN IT IN... OR I'LL TURN THE NEW FOLKS OFF OF THE INSTANCE...

Ahh, it's nice to see a bump of people joining today! Welcome, everybody! 🌱

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