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Head's-up -- I intend to use this Mastodon account for everything: posting art, talking about my life, socializing, and so on.

If you're not here for that and just wanna see my art, you can just catch me on the timeline or in the MastoArt tag! Have a good day. 🌱

So I decided to add a slosh of watercolor to that linoprint I've been fiddling with... didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped but of course it never does πŸ˜…

Still, I think the colors add a lil bit of life to it so I'm happy. T'was a fun experiment to spend the morning on.

Red Candle Games has now made two Taiwanese horror games that I want to see, but I'm such a weenie, xbxdbbdnd Maybe I'll watch playthroughs?

A hex to someone rude I just encountered: β›”πŸ”‡πŸš±

I'm starting to embrace that I wanna tell those sorts of stories and that I might just be that, lmao.

I still don't understand why other social media apps won't connect at this train station, but SubwayTooter will. πŸ˜‚ I'm not complaining, though.

To the person who gave me unsolicited advice on how to deal with my β€œblotchy” cheeks: thank you for inspiring me to do a quick self portrait to remind myself how gorgeous my blush is. Also, go suck 20,000 lemons.

I joined a Discord for BG artists to get a look at what they're critting, and it's like a whole other world... So many things I've never considered, dhxjxjjdjx

I have one of two gut reactions to somebody sharing something personal: either admiration at their vulnerability or repulsion. Of course, the content matters, but beyond that, I'm trying to puzzle out for myself what makes me feel one or the other. I'm really trying to cut out the second reaction.

I love having my night somehow ruined by losing my tablet glove, sdoijfaosdjf


If I ever have to go back to SoCal, I cannot move back to Orange County.

I'm trying to simplify my character drawing so that I, you know, can draw them easier, ha ha. First test subject--my fursona!

I feel like I saw a tweet or toot go around about a wlw furry Discord at one point...? Does anybody know what I'm talking about/can direct me? πŸ™

I'm inexorably sliding towards that crunchy-asshole-you-see-downtown-with-a-watchcap-smelling-of-leather-conditioner aesthetic......... I'm sorry??

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I recently got into a car accident & have been having trouble w/my health insurer, so I've updated my commission post w/new prices! Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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