I finally got to see the ocean in person... she's just as pretty as I imagined she'd be

💙 🌊 💙

Happy birthday to my favorite neighbor!! 💖💖💖

We go way back

So it’s come up a few times now how Peas would hate the pirate antics in our new campaign...

Also clip studio?? good???

@wrath4life glad you like them! 😊 I had some great source material to reference, it was a lot of fun!

Commission for sombersquid over on tumblr! Meet Zixily, a lovely little alchemist!

Character credit:


Pie says hello!! They are very confused about sprouts but they love u 💚 🐌 💚

Goblin Week is ending, but the spirit is strong!

Check me out on ko-fi for some icons! Non-goblins are welcome too of course~


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i was too late to finish this art trade for the holidays but just in time for !!
peas & carrots (& lambchop) belong to @sweetbee

✨ Happy Goblin Week ✨

Welcome to GoblinFest, the first-ever world-wide Goblin culture and pride festival! Please remember to avoid the gaze of our dark and briny goddess Zogmugot unless you're certain you'll be found worthy. Carnivorous pets, tallfolk, and bonfires should be strictly supervised at all times for your own safety... but hey, we aren't cops. Dock your boat wherever, and get partying!

Hanukkah gifts for my friend Sierra!! These are her boys Doug and Kitty 💙 💛 💙 💛

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