I have forgotten to upload all my inktobers here. prepare yourself.

Inktober Day 4: Some deep sea coral and brittle stars.

Inktober Day 3: This is the Ceramic Golem I had my D&D group fight. They demolished it honestly but it was fun to make. I based it off of Delft Ceramics.

Not my inktober, but I sure draw a lot of skulls. Instagram put a good filter on it.

I've been trying to keep my life more low key lately. Keep my stress low, and most importantly to finish more things in my life. I've pretty much reduced all of my social media use severely, and will likely be using it primarily to post art. You are all pleasant people. With that, here's my inktober day 1. 2018

@bea Hey, did something happen to glitch.social?

I saw Infinity War, and honestly, the thing that had the biggest impact on me was the sheer number of people working on it. All their names a brick in the building that houses this movie. All this contribution, little pieces that put something this complex into being.

It was odd. They're likely all some of the best in their field, distilled into a small name on a big screen.

It actually was inspiring. I don't know why. And it meant more to me than the movie did.

I'll figure these feelings out

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