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Swauger @swauger@mastodon.art

Guy's neighbors have him surrounded, and they want him to be social. Within, he uses a wily trick to stay home and read.

I'm workin on stuff again!

There we go. Finished this weird Giant Head from Slay the Spire. They're just big and hit hard.

have some WIP of some fanart from Slay the Spire

Did another page today! Well yesterday mostly, today was the color.

Itsa does one of his work shifts at the station today, and he persues his favorite activity.

I think this is the last card I haven't shown from the card game.

Put a little crackle in it. Or at least my best attempt, haha.

Another random piece from the card game I worked on.

The card was called Snakes on the Astral Plane. I wasn't hot on the joke, but sneaking a vaporwave card into the game art was a chance I couldn't miss.

I did it! I finished a page. I resonate with this guy. It is truly alone time.

i like posting process pics sometimes.

I'm really trying my best. i've been rather slow lately, and am rapidly running out of art i haven't shown you.

I must make some more.

Actualy, here's a look at the work in progress.

Here is a good friend from Monster Party.

Please do not pick on them.

I did not finish, but I wrote it, did the layouts, did the gutters and text and pencilled it in a few hours. I did good. I'll finish it tomorrow.

I'm going to put some pressure on myself.

Making a comic page tonight.

No prompt or planning.

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Tootdon glitched out and started displaying the same image for a bunch of unrelated posts and it took me a second to realize this wasn’t some new meme I didn’t get

Buckley misses his window.

Comics, I say I miss them, but I've had some bad motivational problems.


This is good stuff though.

Buckley will not stand for this, even if he is already standing.

More Bayou Friends.

Oh my follower count is the "Magic Number"