@swampvendor The clown who wrote this hasn't heard of Shin Megami Tensei or Persona. Then again, you probably have to be at least a little bit weeb to get into those JRPG franchises.

@starbreaker god for real like.......smt is so good! but a lot of these chodes are like EWWW BOY HAS LONG HAIR

@swampvendor SMT is straight out of Michael Moorcock. Every protagonist is an aspect of the Eternal Champion and must decide whether to side with Law, align with Chaos, or tell both sides to fuck off and uphold the balance so humanity can flourish.

They even include Arioch: "A demon that presides over swords and chaos.... He is the keeper of demonic swords, such as Storm Bringer." :)



@starbreaker I absolutely love that the base of the series is "WHO'S BEEN FUCKING AROUND WITH LOKI ON THIS GODDAMN MESSAGE BOARD"

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