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I really love the aesthetics of the moomins and peanuts/snoopy, ever since I was very young. I hope I can encapsulate the same innocence and charm in my stuff one day ;;

ohh i can show you my new cards too :D i actually have a few things i can post but i don't wanna spam too much? At the same time I like the freedom to do that here haha

(I've got secret Kingsman ones for orders too, I'll be packing those at the end of the month so I'll probably only really get a week off tops...)

hey guys, do you have any fave artists who have very particular themes/art styles? I'm looking to do some studies whilst I'm on my mini break *___*

my laptop is getting to the age where I'm weary about updating it incase it's not compatible....I can't afford another 😂

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wait what is this macOS High Sierra? It's not a complete update right, the name is so weird ;;;

i've decided to take it easier for the rest of nov. Been on my own (w/ zuko) since my fam left on holiday and feel like i've gotten a lot done.
So I wanna take time out to just draw for fun and study....maybe it's too selfish.


WOW, hey there everyone// i need to snoop around and follow more people!! gonna try and blast out this vlog edit first ✊

Making these stickers is driving me INSANE. I think it's the software rather than the machine, SO FRUSTRATING.

Spent the whole evening making stickers for store orders, I'm only about 1/3 done 😫 so many complications with the die cutter!! I wish it would just behave itself ;;;

Brick has become my go-to, after so many years of struggle getting him down aaaa

Song of the Day:
Dao of St. Paul - Third Eye Blind

'I spent the last three years setting myself on fire for you.
I spent the last three years never knowing if what you say is true.'

An oldie, but a goldie.


If I can work out the designs, I'll try to make my brick drawings into pins 🤔

Saw Skinny Living live yesterday, such an incredible band, had goosebumps all over 😍 a super special team. (I only took a photo with Will and Danny though haha ❤ ).

Drew this one on my iPad with medibang! I'll probably clean up the shapes / line in photoshop when I print these onto something~

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