@eecks it was always exciting to read everyone's updates T__T

tired of so many things, my own thoughts reflected back to me

suppose it'll be nice to have a place to spill my guts every once in a while and maybe post art

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hmm hmm, need to think about what I actually like to do when updating. The most fun was back when there was xanga and LJ.

@eecks ohh really, it's a book by Cal Newport, I'll find the definition.
Deep Work is a professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit.
Here's a vid summary of the book too, I think you'll find it interesting! youtu.be/gTaJhjQHcf8
haha, you are my gym inspo, gotta get buff 😤💪

@eecks I'm trying to use the deep work theory to get the most I can within 2 time frames in the day (1-4/5pm and 6-9pm) and give myself the mornings to do gym/admin tasks/cleaning etc. It's been working quite well and stops me from procrastinating which I'm extremely good at haha

my days feel good bc i finally have some sort of routine. Being able to use each one to their full potential fills me with excitement and I'm enjoying the process much more

lately I've found it really enjoyable being a beginner at something, you feel like you're making progress everyday but it makes working on stuff you already have experience in somewhat excruciatingly painful in comparison

okay, ezine #6 is teaching me that if I like a sketch enough to keep it.... then gdi finish it there and then

@eecks hey bud, thanks for reminding me of this place 🤍

time to make a coffee and get on with some reviews ☕

hey mastodon, I finally downloaded an app onto my new phone. There have been things on my mind lately.

@chengeling ahhh what's your name on there? ; v; !
LMAO, priorities of course

@chengeling @eecks yeah that's a really good point, not many investors go in as a pure angel haha.
Weep, as long as the feed stays chronological I really don't mind ads that much ;;; or at least the option to flick between diff feeds if they wanna default to picking best posts first

@eecks having said that, if the platform goes the user sub route in the first place

@eecks yeah, that's probably what has happened now that it's less mainstream, i just wish users understood the importance of supporting the platforms they use instead of jumping onto the next free one which will eventually be clogged with ads anyway

@eecks yeah a little this past week whilst resting my wrist from painting! But it's mostly just me talking about my zine and pointing my camera at my computer hahaha ;;; idk how it'll go >< oh well

OH YES PLEASE, DEFINITELY SOMETHING WE MUST DO!! and eat good food huhu/// (I will be too busy watching you draw to be drawing haha)

@eecks you're right, mob mentality on tumblr became so strong, people just moved out of fear in the end....so sad

@eecks WEEPPPP, GRACE, can you believe we are meeting, we've known each other so long it feels surreal T__T ! through thick and thin my dude 👌

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