Finished version :) it'll probably be the only thing I paint this month (and last of the year!) Happy Holidays ⭐️

also, something i'm working on // learning new ways to paint stuff is really fun, i'm enjoying the process more - instead of getting all caught up in the details

ohh i can show you my new cards too :D i actually have a few things i can post but i don't wanna spam too much? At the same time I like the freedom to do that here haha

(I've got secret Kingsman ones for orders too, I'll be packing those at the end of the month so I'll probably only really get a week off tops...)

Brick has become my go-to, after so many years of struggle getting him down aaaa

Saw Skinny Living live yesterday, such an incredible band, had goosebumps all over 😍 a super special team. (I only took a photo with Will and Danny though haha ❤ ).

Drew this one on my iPad with medibang! I'll probably clean up the shapes / line in photoshop when I print these onto something~

Starting to get a nice feel for how to colour a sketch after many, many years of trial and error 😅

Yesterday I was really zoning out loads. Probably due to lack of sleep, though my overall health has been kind of rocky lately.
Luckily doodling my sons is always fun, keeps my mood up.

Was studying a photo of one of the statues I took at the Louvre. I haven't really reviewed anatomy in a long time so the TFL took me by surprise. A refresh was good.
Left is the study, right to it is me correcting my own drawing which I made without the reference first. The rest are diagrams I googled after to figure it out. Bottom right is a memory test.

it's a miracle if i ever get past this phase, it's the part i enjoy the most about drawing


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